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Jewish Community Center

St. Louis Senior Olympics

41st St. Louis Senior Olympics
September 3-6 & Surrounding Dates
Registration Deadlines: July 16 (Early Bird) & August 13 (Final)

About the St. Louis Senior Olympics

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Senior Olympics logo 2018The St. Louis Senior Olympics is a Masters-style athletic competition that promotes the health and wellness of men and women by providing them with opportunities to participate in competitive sports and social events. Participants must turn 50 by December 31 of the competition year.

St. Louis is proud to host one of the most prestigious Senior Games in the country. With the help of 300+ volunteers, more than 1,200 athletes are able to participate in more than 90 events over Memorial Day Weekend each year.

Healthy & Safety Plan: Masks & Vaccinations

Below, please find the COVID policies as it relates to the 2021 St Louis Senior Olympics. These policies are applicable for all athletes, volunteers and spectators during the Games:

ALL OUTDOOR EVENTS: All participants, volunteers and spectators will be strongly encouraged to keep a six-foot social distance from others, wash/sanitize hands frequently and wear a mask when not competing.

INDOOR EVENTS AT THE J: In accordance with the J policy, all unvaccinated patrons must wear masks. We will be asking SLSO participants who wish not to wear a mask while engaging in an indoor event to show proof of vaccination. This can be your vaccination card or a picture of the card. Your name and shot batches must be clear. We also strongly encourage all participants wear masks when not actively playing, keep a six-foot social distance, and wash/sanitize hands frequently. Additionally, masks are required at the 1pm Estate Planning session on September 3.

SWIMMING: Since masks cannot be worn while swimming, we ask that all participants show proof of vaccination or show proof of a negative COVID test within 72 hours of their event. We also strongly encourage all participants wear masks when not swimming, keep a six-foot social distance and wash/sanitize hands frequently. Spectators are limited to the viewing area and must wear masks at all times.

INDOOR EVENTS NOT AT THE J: Events not held at the J will follow the guidelines of the establishment in which the events are held. We strongly recommend all participants wear masks, keep a six-foot social distance and wash/sanitize hands frequently. Please check the Senior Olympics webpage for details about a particular event host.

As a reminder, all participants agreed to the following when registering for the program:

I recognize that Coronavirus or COVID-19 is an extremely contagious virus that spreads easily through airborne and droplet transmission and person-to-person contact and may be transmitted by individuals having no apparent symptoms of infection. Federal and state authorities recommend social distancing as a means to prevent the spread of the virus. COVID-19 can lead to severe illness, personal injury, permanent disability, and death. Participating in JCC programs or activities or accessing JCC property and facilities could increase the risk of contracting COVID-19.

I agree to comply with the rules and guidelines (“Guidelines”) adopted by the JCC relating to COVID-19 while using the JCC property and facilities and participating in JCC programs and activities.

Welcoming & Inclusion Statement

The St. Louis Senior Olympics (SLSO) and the J believe everyone deserves to participate in a safe and welcoming community. We are committed to creating an atmosphere where all athletes, staff and volunteers feel safe, supported, respected, empowered, and equal. SLSO welcomes all athletes, staff and volunteers who are transgender and/or non-binary. All athletes who are transgender will participate in categories that reflect their gender identity. SLSO allows athletes who identify as non-binary to choose the gender category in which to compete throughout the games.

Health & Safety Statement

The top priority for J and the Senior Olympics is the health and safety of our athletes, volunteers, and staff. Year-round, the J  operates in accordance with St. Louis County and CDC guidelines with further support/guidance from the J’s Board Safety Committee. The Senior Olympics will be no different.

We are currently in the process of developing our COVID protocols for the Games. We will be developing protocols for mask-wearing, distancing, sanitizing and group sizes to best ensure the health and well-being of our Senior Olympic families. As those protocols are finalized, we will share them with you. We expect them to be available in early August.

In addition, we ask that athletes bring their own equipment when possible (baseball bats, horseshoes, and shuffleboard sticks for example).  We strongly encourage all participants who are eligible for vaccination to seriously consider getting vaccinated.

We continue to monitor all health and safety recommendations.  As more information becomes available, we will provide updates on summer 2021 protocols in the weeks leading up to the Senior Olympics.

This community-wide event encourages participation on a variety of levels. Please contact the St. Louis Senior Olympics office for more information regarding volunteer, athlete and sponsorship opportunities.

The St. Louis Senior Olympics and adult sports at the J are presented by TuckerAllen.

Friends of the St. Louis Senior Olympics

To maintain the excellence of the St. Louis Senior Olympics, we created the Friends of the St. Louis Senior Olympics. Please support the tradition of the Games in its 41st year with a $100 contribution. We are asking YOU, as our Friend, to join this campaign and help us inspire and motivate our community to live a healthier life. Friends’ contributions can be made when you register online. Thank YOU in advance for your help and continued support of the St. Louis Senior Olympics.

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Interested in becoming a sponsor? Contact Phil Ruben, Development Manager, 314.442.3216, for more information.



Contact Us

To contact the Senior Olympic office via email, click here.

Please contact the Senior Olympics office to update your mailing address or to add a friend to the list.
Senior Olympics Office
Stephanie Rhea, 314-442-3164

Event Coordinator: Stephanie Rhea

St. Louis Senior Olympics
Staenberg Family Complex
Jewish Community Center
2 Millstone Campus Drive
St. Louis, MO 63146

Phone & Fax: 314-442-3164



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