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J Splash Academy Group Lessons

Splash Academy at the J

More Levels, More Confidence, More Fun

The J Splash Academy and Splash Babies, at the Staenberg Family Complex in Creve Coeur, is an all-encompassing learn-to-swim program designed to create confident, strong, lifelong swimmers of all ages, starting at six months.

Instructors are trained to offer compassion-based instruction, positive reinforcement and encouragement each step of the way. The program provides opportunity for skill/level progression, regular feedback and accomplishment awards for swimmers as they progress through the “fishy” levels.

There are three pillars of J Splash Academy:

  1. Introduction to Water & Water Safety Skills
  2.  Basic Swimming Skills
  3. Competitive Swimming Technique

Splash Academy Weekly Schedule

Splash Academy

One Class Per Week
Attend one class a week (45 mins)

$105 members/$135 public
Price per month

Two Classes Per Week
Attend two classes a week (45 mins)

$190 members/$250 public
Price per month

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Fishy Levels

Splash Babies: Ages 6 months – 3 years. Introduces basic water skills to children with little or no experience in a pool. Get in, get wet, and get comfortable.

Starfish: 3 years and up. Introduces basic water skills to children with little or no experience in a pool. Get in, get wet, and get comfortable.

Pufferfish: Builds upon performing Starfish skills independently and becoming more comfortable in the water with a focus on learning basic swimming survival.

Lionfish: Introduces strokes and kicks, with a focus on underwater breath control, kicking and pulling to create forward-motion swimming and in-water safety. Students must be able to perform all Starfish and Pufferfish skills independently.

Angelfish: Swimmers continue their development by learning and practicing beginner strokes with an introduction to advanced strokes and kicks. Instruction also includes diving and treading water techniques.

Stingrays: Swimmers refine skills on stroke techniques and proficient rotary breathing by practicing specific swimming and breath control drills.

Hammerheads: Upon performing all strokes and dives proficiently, instruction focuses on distance and endurance swimming while introducing competitive swimming skills.

*Starfish – Angelfish will have a 4:1 students to instructor ratio. Stingrays and Hammerheads will have a 6:1 ratio. 

Splash Babies

Splash Babies

Parents learn basic skills and safety and teach infants, including putting their face in the water; blowing bubbles and being relaxed in a pool. Parent(s) are required to be in the water.

One Class Per Week
Attend one class a week (30 mins)

$82 members/$110 public
Price per month

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Cancellation policy: Cancellations require 30 days’ notice. No refunds on partial months. For make-up classes, contact Shelby Trolinger at 314-442-3114 for availability.

Creve Coeur/Staenberg Family Complex: Shelby Trolinger, 314-442-3114

British Swim School Partnership in Chesterfield

We are excited to announce that we have partnered with the British Swim School to teach lessons at the Marilyn Fox Building in Chesterfield.

The British Swim School (BSS) has been dedicated to teaching water survival skills to children as young as three months for more than 40 years. Like the J, BSS believes it is mission-critical to teach children to swim and to be safe while enjoying the water. With its large instructor base and our large pool, we will be able to serve even more families in the Chesterfield area.

BSS lessons will be available at various times each day.

Interested in learning more or signing up for lessons? Contact or call 314-312-1878.

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