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Jewish Community Center

Pilates Studio at the J


Pilates is a method of conditioning developed more than 90 years ago. It is a unique method of exercise that has numerous benefits. It uses resistance and your body’s weight to increase strength, lengthen muscles, increase flexibility and strengthen your core. Our knowledgeable team of PMA-recognized instructors will guide your session based on your fitness level and goals. The J houses two fully-equipped studios to better offer both private and group sessions at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. Members may schedule a free Pilates consultation, so we hope to see you soon.

For all Pilates programs, contact:
Andy Hayes, 314-442-3147

Members are entitled to one free Pilates assessment. We prefer clients complete three individual sessions before joining a small group class.




Pilates Pricing

The small group format emphasizes rhythmic, fluid movements, which participants perform in unison. Instructors guide the group as each session builds upon the previous, challenging the group and maximizing results. In order to participate in a small group, you must have had three previous Private Pilates sessions, or participated in the Introduction to Pilates Class. This ensures your safety and builds an understanding of the essential principles and creates a strong foundation.

Single Session: $30
Once per week: $109/month*
Twice per week: $179/month*
*EFT payment required

Private Training

Private Pilates sessions are available by appointment with one of our nationally certified instructors. During these 55-minute sessions, your instructor will devise a program to cater to your needs and goals.

  • 1-7 sessions: $87
  • 8-15 sessions: $75
  • 16+ sessions: $69

Semi-Private Training

Semi-Private Pilates Training offers you and a friend the chance to exercise together. Sharing the benefits and experience of Pilates training is a fun, motivating way to enhance your quality of life – and get fit! Increase motivation and share the experience during a semi-private session as you both exercise and increase skill.

  • 1-7 sessions: $54
  • 8-15 sessions: $49
  • 16+ sessions: $44

Introduction to Pilates Small Groups

Learn the basics in this four-session introductory course and you will be ready to embark on a new fitness journey. Those who complete this course are eligible for advance group and further private training.

J Members: Purchase four sessions for just $90!

  • See fitness desk for current class schedule & pricing

Mat Pilates

The J also offers Mat Pilates, which is a free group exercise class.

Get acquainted with Pilates equipment


  • Increases muscular endurance, core strength and flexibility
  • Improves posture and breathing


  • Isolates individual muscle groups
  • Deeply stretches muscles of the hips and spine
  • Increases core strength and stability. Can help find and properly fire deep core muscles vs superficial
  • Can help post pregnancy, and properly close abdominal gap
  • Allows for more challenging balance and stability work because it is stationary


  • Increases Core Stability
  • Increases back strength
  • Increases lower body power, and upper body strength
  • Great for pregnant clients, or those with knee issues
  • Demands more attention and focus for proper body placement


  • Stretches and aligns the spine
  • Challenges the body on all planes of movement
  • Can help correct spinal deformities such as those associated with Arthritis, osteoporosis and scoliosis
  • Isolates deep posture muscles.