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2017 – 2018 Season

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New Jerusalem: April 4 - 22, 2018

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Post-show Talkbacks & Museum Tour

  • Sunday, April 15: Post-show talkback with Dr. Hillel Kieval, Washington University Professor of Jewish Studies
  • Thursday, April 19: Post-show talkback with Dr. David Wilson, Webster University Professor of Philosophy
  • Saturday, April 21, 2pm: Docent-led tour at St. Louis Art Museum related to the production

New Jerusalem_graphic_v4 smallerNew Jerusalem: The Interrogation of Baruch de Spinoza at Torah Talmud Congregation: Amsterdam, July 27, 1656
By David Ives

April 4 –April 22

The true story of Jewish philosopher Baruch de Spinoza who was excommunicated from the Jewish community of Amsterdam in the 1600’s in order to keep the peace for that city’s Jews. Amsterdam’s Sephardic Jews had made a fatal arrangement with the city: They agreed to police their own community for unorthodox beliefs. When the city accuses Spinoza of atheism, Chief Rabbi Mortera must summon Spinoza to the synagogue to defend himself – a historical event that shook up not only the entire Jewish community of Amsterdam, but changed Spinoza’s and Mortera’s lives—and all of Western thought—irrevocably. An engrossing historical drama.

9561_NJT_NJT-Schedules-for-Website_v2Director, Tim Ocel

Baruch de Spinoza: Rob Riordan
Rabbi Mortera: John Flack*
Abraham Van Valkenburgh: Jim Butz*
Simon de Vries: Will Bonfiglio
Rebekah de Spinoza: Jennifer Theby-Quinn
Clara Van den Enden: Karlie Pinder
Gaspar Ben Israel: Greg Johnston

Lucille Lortel Award Nominations
1. Outstanding Play
2. Outstanding Lead Actor, Jeremy Strong

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Life Sucks: May 23-June 10, 2018

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Life Sucks_graphic_v4 smallerLife Sucks, by Aaron Posner, adapted from Anton Chekhov

May 23 – June 10

An irreverent adaptation of Anton Chekhov’s Uncle Vanya, Posner’s contemporary riff on the work is altogether wise, profoundly humane, hilarious, quirky, endearing and, in countless clever ways, brilliantly faithful to its source. Posner brings a playful, far from cynical, originality to the story of a group of yearning, frustrated, heartbroken, questioning, and in many ways privileged souls who are, in their varied and deeply flawed ways, trying to cope with all the essential conundrums of existence. It is essentially a play about love, loss and longing – with a healthy dose of Jewish philosophizing thrown in. Never has unhappiness been so much fun.

NJT Schedules for Website_v2-1 Life SucksDirector, Edward Coffield

Vanya: Chris Harris*
Professor: Greg Johnston
Ella: Julie Layton
Babs: Jan Meyer
Dr. Aster: Jeff Cummings*
Sonia: Katie Keating
Pickles: Michelle Hand

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Tuesdays with Morrie: October 4 - 22, 2017

TuesdayswithMorrie_graphic_v4 smallerPurchase Tickets

Tuesdays with Morrie
By Jeffrey Hatcher and Mitch Albom

October 4 – 22, 2017

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In this adaptation of the dearly loved book by Mitch Albom, Tuesdays with Morrie explores the ever-deepening relationship of journalist Albom with his Brandeis University professor and mentor, Morrie Schwartz. 16 years after graduation from college, Mitch catches Morrie on a television news program and discovers he is battling Lou Gehrig’s disease (ALS). What begins as a one-time visit to his former professor turns into a weekly pilgrimage where Mitch is schooled in life lessons and ultimately discovers the meaning of life. The New York Daily News calls it “a touching, life-affirming, deeply emotional drama with a generous dose of humor.”

NJT Schedules for Website_v2-1 Tuesdays with MorrieDirector, Anna Pileggi

Morrie: Jim Anthony*
Mitch: Andy Neiman*

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A Jewish Joke: Nov. 29 - Dec. 10, 2017

A Jewish Joke_graphic_v4 smallerPurchase Tickets

A Jewish Joke
by Phil Johnson & Marni Freedman

November 29 – December 10

During the 1950’s, the great era of Jewish humor, we meet irascible comedy screenwriter Bernie Lutz who is about to open a big movie. When he discovers to his surprise – and chagrin – that his name appears on Senator Joseph McCarthy’s infamous “black list,” Bernie is confronted with the dilemma of naming names and implicating his writing partner in order to save himself and his career. This poignant solo comedy shows one small man facing the tough American events of the mid-20th century. A story as relevant today as it was during the McCarthy era.

NJT Schedules for Website_v2-1 A Jewish JokeOriginally directed by David Ellenstein

Bernie Lutz: Phil Johnson

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The How and the Why: Jan. 24 - Feb. 11, 2018

The How and the Why_graphic_v4 smallerPurchase Tickets

The How and the Why
by Sarah Treem

January 24 –February 11

A fascinating and thought-provoking play about science, family and the survival of the fittest. Emotions collide when, on the eve of a prestigious conference, an up-and-coming 28-year-old evolutionary biologist wrestles for the truth with an established leader in the field, 56-year-old Zelda Kahn. The air crackles between the eminent professor and the maverick graduate student, whose theories might just change the way we regard sex itself. This intimate and keenly perceptive play grapples with the difficult choices faced by women of every generation.

NJT Schedules for Website_v2-1 The How and the WhyDirector, Nancy Bell


Zelda Kahn Amy Loui*
Rachel Hardeman: Sophia Brown

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2016 – 2017 Season

Golda's Balcony: October 6 - 30, 2016
“Golda’s Balcony”
By William Gibson

October 6 – 30, 2016

Following the trajectory of the life of Golda Meir from Russian immigrant to American schoolteacher to an international leader as the fourth Prime Minister of Israel, much of the focus of the play is on the defining moment of her public life surrounding the disastrous 1973 Yom Kippur War. The play suggests that Meir threatened President Nixon and Secretary of State Kissinger with unleashing nuclear weapons if the United States failed to come through with military support for Israel. It shows the struggle between the ideals that lead one to power, and the pragmatic compromises demanded by actual leadership as it asks, “what happens when idealism becomes power?”

Tovah Feldshuh nominated for Tony Award for Best Actress in a Play
Tovah Feldshuh won Drama Desk Award for Outstanding Solo Performance

Directed by Henry Schvey

Lavonne Byers as Golda Meir

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Driving Miss Daisy: December 1 - 18, 2016

“Driving Miss Daisy”
By Alfred Uhry
December 1 – 18, 2016

In 1948 Atlanta, Daisy Werthan, a rich, sharp-tongued, Jewish, 72-year-old widow has just demolished another car. Her son Boolie informs her that he will from this point on be hiring a chauffeur for her. Thus begins the 25-year relationship between Daisy and Hoke Colburn, her driver. She regards him with disdain and he is not impressed with her patronizing tone and latent prejudice. But despite their differences, they grow closer and more dependent on each other over time. The once contentious relationship blossoms into a profound, life-altering friendship that transcends all the societal boundaries placed between them. An iconic tale of pride, changing times and the transformative power of friendship.

Winner 1988 Pulitzer Prize
Outer Critics Circle Award for Best Off-Broadway Play

Directed by Sydnie Grosberg Ronga

NJT Artistic Director, Kathleen Sitzer* as Daisy
J. Samuel Davis* as Hoke
Eric Dean White* as Boolie

Thursday, December 8: Karen Aroesty, Regional Director, Anti-Defamation League
Wednesday, December 14: Rori Picker Neiss, Executive Director, Jewish Community Relations Council

More talkbacks may be added. Please continue to check this page.

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Intimate Apparel: January 26-February 12, 2017

“Intimate Apparel”
By Lynn Nottage
January 26, 2016 – February 12, 2017

New York, 1905, Esther, a black seamstress, lives in a boarding house where she sews intimate apparel for clients ranging from wealthy white patrons to prostitutes. As the other denizens of the boarding house marry and move away, Esther remains, lonely and longing. Through a mutual acquaintance, she begins to receive beautiful letters from a lonesome Caribbean man working on the Panama Canal. But Esther’s heart seems to lie with the Hasidic shopkeeper from whom she buys cloth, and his heart with her, but the impossibility of the match is obvious to them both. The play offers poignant commentary on an era when the cut and color of one’s dress—and of course, skin—determined whom one could and could not marry, even talk to in public.

Winner 2004 New York Drama Critics Circle and the Outer Critics Circle Awards.
Winner Obie Award for Performance – Viola Davis

Directed by Gary Barker


  • Jaqueline Thompson
  • Jim Butz *
  • Linda Kennedy *
  • Chauncy Thomas *
  • Andrea Purnell
  • Julie Layton

The St. Louis Art Museum will offer a free tour on Sunday, February 5, 2017 at 2 pm in conjunction with the New Jewish Theatre production of Intimate Apparel. The tour, “Artists and Artisanship in the Gilded Age,” will showcase complimentary ideas from the Museum’s collection raised by Lynn Nottage’s award-winning play, Intimate Apparel, which is being presented January 26 to February 12, 2017. Group size is limited. Please RSVP to the New Jewish Theatre Box Office, 314-442-3283.

During the run of “Intimate Apparel” there will be several talkbacks. These dates are TBA. Please check this page.

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Never The Sinner: March 16-April 2, 2017

“Never the Sinner”
By John Logan
March 16 – April 2, 2017

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Chicago, 1924. Clarence Darrow is defending Nathan Leopold Jr., age 18, and Robert Loeb, age 19, in the “Crime of the Century.” The two had decided to commit the “perfect murder,” just for the thrill of it. Considering themselves Nietzsche’s übermensch (supermen), they concluded they were removed from the moral and social imperatives of the world. They brutally murdered 14-year-old Bobby Franks but were quickly apprehended. Darrow’s defense of them was an eloquent plea against capital punishment. This exquisite play asks what demons lurked in the minds of these two young men and the complex relationship between them. This is a love story set to themes of crime and punishment, the press, the times, humanism, Nietzsche’s philosophy and the end of the jazz age.
Directed by Rick Dildine


  • Pete Winfrey
  • Jack Zanger
  • John Flack*
  • Eric Dean White *
  • Maggie Conroy
  • Will Bonfiglio
  • John Reidy
4,000 Miles: May 11-28, 2017

“4000 Miles”
By Amy Herzog

May 11 – 28, 2017

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After suffering a major loss while on a cross-country bike trip, 21-year-old Leo seeks solace from his feisty 91-year-old political activist grandmother Vera in her West Village apartment. Her solitary existence is entirely shaken when Leo appears at the door in the middle of the night assuring her that he won’t stay long. Leo is in crisis, grieving deeply for his best friend and biking partner, Micah. While Leo seeks solace in his grandmother, Vera finds companionship in another person for the first time since the loss of her husband, Joe. 4000 Miles is a compassionate, intimate, and funny play that examines the love of the family we can choose, the family we can’t, and the healing power of trust as these unlikely roommates infuriate, bewilder, and ultimately reach each other. We discover how two outsiders find their way in today’s world.

Directed by Edward Coffield

Amy Loui* as Vera
Chris Tipp* as Leo
Rachel Fenton as Bec
Grace Langford as Amanda

Finalist! 2013 Pulitzer Prize for Drama
Winner! 2012 Obie Award, Best New Play
Winner! 2012 New York Times Outstanding Playwright Award
Winner! Time Magazine‘s #1 Play or Musical of 2012