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Lynnie’s Light for Life

Lynnie Palan (z”l) was a pioneer and leader of Sharsheret Supports St. Louis, a collaborative project of Nishmah and the national, not-for-profit Sharsheret organization supporting individuals and families living with, or at increased genetic risk of developing cancer. Lynnie lost her battle to breast cancer on April 10, 2018, but her legacy lives on through the continuing work of Sharsheret Supports.

For more information or to donate to Lynnie’s Legacy, contact Larisa Klebe, 314-442-3111, or Debbi Braunstein, 314-442-3266.

Honoring our Supporters and Loved Ones

We continue to be grateful to Manne Palan and Marlene Isaacs for their wholehearted support.

Wil & Jill Tidman
Ellen Schapiro
Gary & Kim Bussard (for Lynnie)
Sally Rosenthal (for Barbara Rose)
Suzanne Hoffman
Katie & Jeff Brodsky (for Lynnie & my Momma)
Donn & Michele Lux
PJ Kaminer (Johnny & Lynnie)
Nancy Abate (for Lynne Palan)
Eddie & Lenore Pepper
Dennis Carafiol
Ann Mayer Eisen (for Greta Forsman)
Ken Goldberg
Sandra & Kurt O’Neal
John & Robyn DeMott
Sally & Joe Lang
Danny & Jennifer Soshnik
Melissa Korenblat-Hanin
Lisa Marucci
Kari Kramer (for Sandra Frankel)
Pamela Glaser
Julie Mandel Marcus (for Lynnie & Johnny)
Anita Kraus
Marty Oberman
William Cohen
Jeff Bikshorn (for Marci)
Bonnie Mann (for John Mann)
Merle Fox
Harry J Bluestein
Jackie & Randy Kurtz
Allison & Roger Burgess
Lynn Wittels
Abby Hahn (for Lisa Lerman)
Judy & Bud Levin (for Lynne Palan)
Brigitte Ulses
Galia & Milton Movitz
Karen & David Smoller
Gary Singer
Karen & Howie Sher
Brian & Mindy Pultman (for Selma Blum, Ilene Joseph & Lynnie Palan)
Rachel Simoneau (for Lynne Palan)
Rami Rosenzweig (for Rona Gitelson a’h, Debbi & Danielle Braunstein)
Joe Jacobson
Karen Weible
Edie (z”l) and Harvey Brown
Denise Apprill (for Lynne Palan)
Nick & Jennifer Tompras (for Lynnie Palan)
Carolyn Henges (for Victoria Rose Drier & Jay G. Henges, Jr.)
Pam & Ken Lester (for Lynne Palan, Ilene Joseph & Geri Lester)
Irwin Braunstein
Leisa Zigman (for Lynnie Palan & Lynn Zigman-Kupfer)
Bruce Schneider
Lori Sheinbein
Griffin Palan (for Lynne Palan & John Isaacs III)
Craig & Debbie Kaminer (for Lynnie, Johnny, Grace, Bob & Gail)
Broderick Palan (for Lynne I. Palan & John A. Isaacs III)
Barry & Susie Goldenberg
Debbie & Mike Lefton
Esther Kessler
Mark Hoffman (for Nancy Alper)
Michelle Mills (for Marcus Hirsch & Ilene Joseph)
Jill Mogil
Steven Cohen
Susan Sherman
Julie & Roger Scherck
Aliyah Schneider
Ruth Asher
The Albert Family
Rabbi Brad & Mindy Horwitz
Toby & Karen Svoboda
Simone & Daniel Picker
Betsy Rubenstein
Bear Kaminer (for Lynne Palan & John Isaacs)
Lynne Kipnis (for Paula Kipnis)
Lorna Siepser & Steve Klebe (for Adrienne Weil)
Jody & Micky Waldman (for Lynnie Palan)
Susan Dean
Kim Jacobs
Brad & Ronna Steinback
Mark & Wendy Gellman
Debbie Polinsky (for Lynnie Palan, Ilene Joseph & Ruth Shapiro)
Jessica Millner (for Lynne Palan, Grace Brod, Robert Brod & Gail Bopp)
Sharon Rosenblum
Lynnsie Kantor (for a special friend who has just started on her journey)
Doug & Stacy Rubenstein
Marlene Isaacs & Manne Palan (for Johnny Isaacs & Lynnie Palan)
Katherine Green (for Lynnie Palan)
Helane & Warner Isaacs
Harvey & Francine Cantor (for Lynnie Palan)
Marcia Lisker (for Norton Figot and Guillermina Cabello)
Susan Goldberg
Marcie Brook (for Rosaline Golub & Lynnie Palan)
Jerri Livingston
Megan & Doug Morriss
Larisa Klebe
Michael Staenberg
Maria Cohen (for Martha Moya)
Debbi & Brian Braunstein (for Rona Gitelson, Danielle Braunstein, Carole & Irwin Braunstein)
Cathy Lux
Daniela Jacobsohn
Carnie Rose

Proceeds from Lynnie’s Light for Life benefit Sharsheret Supports, a program of Nishmah and a local partner of the national non-profit Sharsheret, that supports women, families, and the community facing breast and ovarian cancer, and those at increased risk of developing a hereditary cancer. Sharsheret is the Hebrew word for “chain.” Thank you for being a link in our chain.

Knowledge is Power

Highlighting the importance of knowing your family’s history, especially when it comes to understanding if you or your family members are at increased risk for developing a hereditary cancer. When it comes to addressing and minimizing genetic risk factors for cancer, see how Sharsheret Supports has empowered community members with knowledge. Hear from Sheri Schneider—Sharsheret Supports Advisory Committee Member and cancer survivor, Suzanne Mahon—Certified Genetics Counselor, Debbi Braunstein and Manne Palan.

Sharsheret, Improving and Saving Lives

Highlighting the importance of Sharsheret Supports’ work in St. Louis, what Sharsheret Supports and Lynnie’s Light mean to Lynnie’s family and the community, and the importance of perpetuating the work and mission about which Lynnie was so passionate. Hear from Manne Palan, and Melissa Rosen—Director of National Outreach for Sharsheret.

The Unbroken Chain of Support

Demonstrates how Sharsheret Support’s programs and services create an unbroken chain of support so no one in our community faces a breast or ovarian cancer diagnosis, or fear or being at risk, alone. Hear from Kathy Bearman LCSW—support group facilitator, Annie Gottesman—Sharsheret Supports recipient and cancer survivor, and Manne Palan.

Committee Co-chairs: Maria Cohen and Marcia Lisker
Committee Members:
Marcie Brook
Sandra Calvo
Lisa Cohen
Jerri Livingston
Michelle Mills
Galia Movitz
Simone Picker
Lori Sheinbein
Pam Shifter

Larisa Klebe, Director of Nishmah
Debbi Braunstein, Sharsheret Program Supervisor