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St. Louis Jewish Sports Hall of Fame

Sports Hall of Fame Header
Sports Hall of Fame LogoAbout the St. Louis Jewish Sports Hall of Fame

The St. Louis Jewish Sports Hall of Fame was made possible by the family of Isadore Beilenson and dedicated to his memory on July 12, 1992. Isadore was a truly remarkable athlete and leader who possessed a community-minded spirit. Individuals from the St. Louis area selected for induction serve as role models for the youth of today because of their achievements, outstanding character, leadership skills, and commitments to the highest standards of sportsmanship. Past inductions have occurred in 1992, 1995, 1997, 1998, 2005, 2010, 2014 and 2018.

Hall of Fame Members

Dave Alton, z”l
Howard Balzer
Isadore Beilenson, z”l
Isadore Bernstein, z”l
Ed Block, z”l
Rudy Brand, z”l
Sam Broh
Mac J. Brown, z”l
Nikki Caplan, z”l
Fran Cohen, z”l
Erich Dahl
Mary Gail Dalton
Jackie Dicker, z”l
Harry Dreyfus, z”l
Mel Dubinsky, z”l
Joy Rice Dunkelman, z”l
Brad Edelman
Skip Erwin
Harris Frank
Paul Gallant
Morty Gelber
Harold Glassman
Silas Goldman
William Goldstein
Al Goldstein, z”l
Barry Goldstein, z”l
Hymen Goldstein, z”l
Stanley Goldstein, z”l
Chuck Gottlieb
Robert Hardcastle
Marty Hendin, z”l
Jack Herman, z”l
Jerry Hilecher
Marty Hogan
Ken Holtzman
Myron Holtzman
Dick Horwitz
Lynn Imergoot, z”l
Ben Kerner, z”l
Ben Kessler, z”l
Harry H. Kessler, z”l
Ben Koltun
Cathleen Kronemer
Michael Laycob
Steve Leventhal, z”l
Jack Levitt
Nancy Lieberman
David Lipman, z”l
Alfred Londe, z”l
Stan London
Irving Londy, z”l
Max J. Lorber, z”l
Marty Maier
Joel Meyers
I.E. Millstone, z”l
Sam Muchnick, z”l
Jerry Notowitz, z”l
Hy Novack, z”l
Ben Perlman, z”l
Gregg Polinsky
James Pollack
Sandy Pomerantz
Al Portney, z”l
Irvin L. Roselman
Marvin Rosengarten
Sid Salomon, Jr., z”l
Scott Schatzman
Steve Schneider
Marc Schreiber
Sol Schumitzky, z”l
Steve Serot
Rudy Serot, z”l
Art Shamsky
Joel Shanker
Elsie Shemin-Roth, RN
Phil Smith, z”l
Dr. Stacey Smith
Earl Srenco, z”l
Harold Srenco, z”l
Jack Srenco, z”l
Aaron Vickar
Morris Yatkeman, z”l
Ron Zetcher
Jerry Zuckerman

z”l – may his or her memory be for blessing.

For more information, contact Phil Ruben, 314-442-3216.