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St. Louis Jewish Film Festival

St. Louis Jewish Film Festival 9

25th Annual St. Louis Jewish Film Festival
Fall 2020

Resistance Live Webinar with Star Jesse Eisenberg & Director Jonathan Jakubowicz
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The J’s St. Louis Jewish Film Festival showcases national and international cinema that explores universal issues through traditional Jewish values, opposing viewpoints and new perspectives. The Jewish Film Festival now offers year-round opportunities to experience Jewish films from around the world.

Documentaries, drama and short films are presented at the Landmark Plaza Frontenac Cinema with introductions by filmmakers and experts on the issues the films bring forth. Jewish Films for young adults are also presented to the public in an effort to expand discussion and audiences for this age cohort.

Additionally, the Jewish Film Society presents three films in the fall and three in the spring. Each film is followed by lively discussion and is selected to present stimulating issues. New members are welcomed each year.

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Zelda Sparks, Director of Cultural Arts
Jewish Community Center
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