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Jewish Community Center

St. Louis Jewish Film Festival

Jewish Film Festival - I Am Here

St. Louis Jewish Film Festival

Save the Date: April 7-18, 2024

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Travel the world through film! The J’s St. Louis Jewish Film Festival showcases national and international cinema that explores universal issues through traditional Jewish values, opposing viewpoints and new perspectives.

Documentaries, drama and short films are presented for two weeks, with introductions by filmmakers and experts on the issues the films bring forth. Jewish Films for young adults are also presented to the public in an effort to expand discussion and audiences for this age cohort.

Additionally, the Jewish Film Society presents three films in the fall and three in the spring. Each film is followed by lively discussion and is selected to present stimulating issues. New members are welcomed each year.

We could use your help!

Planning is underway for the 2024 festival and we are looking for movie buffs, benefactors and anyone who wants to join the process. For more information about getting involved, contact John Wilson at 314-442-3190.

Ticket Information

Ticket information will be available in Winter 2023.

Contact our Box Office Manger Hannah Ryan, at or call 314-442-3179 for more information on tickets.

Jewish Film Festival - Schachten

Questions about the 2024 St. Louis Jewish Film Festival?

Please contact John Wilson at 314-442-3190.