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Jewish Community Center

Group Exercise Class Descriptions


Group Exercise Classes at the J


Discover your personal high-intensity cardio & strength training limits for 30 minutes immediately followed by a deep Pilates-inspired concentrated core & stretch designed to keep your muscles & joints healthy. Class is designed to flow seamlessly but allows for participants to leave or join at the halfway point.

Ballroom, Latin & Swing Dancing

For all ages! Wear comfortable dancing shoes – partner not required.

Barre® Fusion

Strengthen and tone while lengthening muscles with intervals of stretching. Light weights and floor work compliment barre work to push your muscles to exhaustion.

Cardio & Sculpt

A moderate intensity, cardiovascular and strength class – a great total body workout.

Cardio Circuit

Non-stop, one-minute intervals of cardio, sculpting and abdominals. This class is guaranteed to work your entire body, leaving you feeling renewed and energized.

Cardio Groove

A new fun dance format that incorporates multiple styles of dance for a fantastic workout.

Cardio Pump

Low-intensity aerobic class combines strength and endurance, joint stability and mobility, balance and flexibility.

Circuits 101

A circuit training class led by a personal trainer using machines on the fitness floor.

Circuit Training

This well-rounded workout utilizes fitness equipment in circuits.


A 30 or 45-minute class that strengthens and stabilizes the abdominals and lower back through intense exercises targeting the core.

Core Fusion

Focuses on functional strength and flexibility, works from the inside out, integrating your core with every move. Infused with yoga-inspired postures, you’ll leave feeling relaxed and refreshed.


Experience intense aerobic exercise on a stationary bike while an instructor motivates you through visualization with high-energy music.

Cycle 40/20

40 minutes of upbeat, high-energy cycling followed by 20 minutes of stabilizing the core using lengthening exercises, strength training, stretching and balancing moves.

Early Express Circuit

Squeeze in a great total body workout in the early AM! Jump into this circuit at any time for strength training and cardio intervals.

Everlasting Strength

Low-intensity strength and endurance class, also builds stability, mobility, balance and flexibility.

Express Sculpt

45-minute class provides energy to get through the day and increases your strength and endurance.

Extreme Conditioning

Intense workout uses weights to target major muscle groups. Incorporates cardiovascular exercise and plyometrics to challenge all fitness levels.

Forever Fit

Low-intensity aerobic class offers a great cardiovascular workout. Combines strength, endurance, joint stability, balance and flexibility.

Gentle Pilates

Gentle experience meant to attend every day; ideal for students just beginning their practice.

Gentle Yoga

A yoga class gentle enough to attend every day; ideal for students just beginning their practice.


High Intensity Interval Training utilizes a series of short, high-intensity intervals, followed by longer, low-intensity intervals.


Intense workout combines cardio and muscle-building moves.


Cardiovascular, resistance and weight control benefits through use of kettlebell weights.

Kettlebell Cross Train

Teaches proper kettlebell techniques using natural momentum, proper posture and alignment. Also includes familiar resistance training techniques and equipment.

Physique Fusion

Strengthens and tones while lengthening muscles with intervals of stretching. Light weights, floor work and ballet barre push your muscles to exhaustion.


Progressive series of exercises, based on the methods of Joseph Pilates, designed to increase the strength of your body’s core (abdominals, back, glutes and hips) while lengthening the muscles.

Poolside Yoga

Meet at the outdoor pool for this relaxing and invigorating Yoga practice.  You will increase your strength, balance and flexibility in this all-levels class.

**In case of inclement weather, class will meet in the Gymnasium depending on availability.**


A full body workout which targets trouble spots using drumsticks to maximize your arm workout.

Pure Definition

Total-body workout utilizes dumbbells, body bars and stability balls. Appropriate for all fitness levels, leads to improved strength and muscle tone for a lean and sculpted body.


This class combines resistance, intervals, power, plyometrics and endurance.


Class rotates monthly between strength, power and endurance formats, providing changes to avoid plateaus and maximizing results.

Strength & Mobility

Increase your strength and mobility in this creative combination class.  The first 30-35 minutes of class concentrates on strength using a combination of body weight and hand weights. The final 10-15 minutes of functional mobility will encourage spinal, hip and shoulder girdle mobility.  All movements are intended to increase functional pliability & mobility. It’s a great way to start the day! Must be able to get up and down from the floor. Appropriate for all fitness levels.

Stretch and Roll

Utilizes a form roller to combine Yoga and Pilates movements to improve flexibility, balance and core strength; and movements from myofacial release therapy targeting trigger points to soothe and release tight muscles.


Choreographed step aerobics class includes dance moves! Improves cardiovascular endurance, balance and coordination.

Stretch and Roll

Utilizes a foam roller to combine Yoga and Pilates movements to improve flexibility, balance and core strength; movements from myofacial release therapy target trigger points to soothe and release tight muscles.

Strength PiYo™

Strength training and core conditioning for people who want to create sculpted abs, increased core strength and greater stability!

Strong Nation by Zumba

STRONG Nation combines high-intensity interval training with the science of synced music motivation.


An intense, interval training class that follows a specific timed format.

T'ai Chi

This graceful form of exercise involves a series of movements performed in a slow, focused manner and is accompanied by deep breathing.

Total Conditioning

This class combines anaerobic activity with plyometric and callisthenic drills to offer a challenging option in your cardio routine.

Triple S

We combine the best of step, sculpt and stretch to increase your cardiovascular/muscular endurance and flexibility.

Turbo Kick

An energizing kickboxing interval class. Cardio that uses intensity drills and increased energy sprints followed by work recovery segments.


Creates strength, flexibility and balance through unique combination of breathing techniques and postures.


Aerobic/fitness interval training with fast and slow rhythms that tone and sculpt the body choreographed to fusion of Latin and International music.

For more information, contact:

Priscilla Westbrooks, 314.442.3210

Group Exercise in the Water

The J also offers several types of water fitness classes to suit beginners, regulars and multiple intensity levels, also available to members for free.


Aqua Boot Camp

Advanced class includes endurance swim, sprints, calisthenics, strength and explosive moves – both wet and dry work. Must be able to swim 100y freestyle non-stop, tread and climb in/out of the pool repeatedly.

Aqua Flow

Series of specially-designed exercises which, with the aid of the water’s buoyancy and resistance, can help improve joint flexibility.

Aqua Fit

Moderate-impact, water-specific exercises designed to progressively build strength, flexibility, and endurance in a refreshing and joint-supportive environment.

Aqua Power

High-intensity, multi-discipline workout in the lap pool. Participants must be comfortable in all depths of the pool.

Aqua Power Deep

High-intensity, no-impact water resistance training that improves muscle tone, flexibility strength and endurance with the use of flotation belts; class held in deep water.

Aqua Tai Chi

Moving meditation which improves body awareness and range of motion.

Aqua Zumba

Exciting class features aerobic/fitness interval training with a combination of fast and slow rhythms, choreographed to a fusion of Latin and international dance music.

Strength & Flexibility

Improve balance, flexibility, strengthen muscles, increase mobility and improve overall well-being.

Wet Sweat

This new high-intensity class maximizes your abilities using water weights and cardio exercises. It is a heart pumping, total body workout with no added impact on your joints.

For more information, please contact:

Heather Cheseman, 314-442-3296