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Jewish Community Center

JCC Maccabi Games

JCC Maccabi Games in St. Louis

St. Louis JCC Maccabi Games® Delegation

2024 JCC Maccabi Games
Detroit: July 28-August 2 (13-16-year-olds)

Athlete Registration Form

For additional information contact: Emilie Brockman, 314-442-3267

JCC MACCABI GAMES® (13-16 year olds):
The JCC Maccabi Games offer Jewish teens a unique social, cultural, and life-shaping experience. The Games bring athletes from around the world together and serve a larger purpose than athletic competition. They promote Rachmanus (compassion), Tikkun Olam (Repairing the World), and Amiut Yehudit (Jewish Peoplehood). These sentiments are shared during the week through unique experiences. The energy and excitement make the Games an unforgettable experience for everyone – whether athlete, volunteer, coach, or host. St. Louis has participated in the Games since 1984, taking athletes to cities throughout the United States and Israel, and hosted in 1993, 1996, 2003, and 2016.

Welcoming & Inclusion Statement

The J believes all athletes deserve to participate in a safe and welcoming community. We are committed to creating an atmosphere where all athletes, staff, and volunteers feel safe, supported, respected, empowered, and equal. Our programs, including the JCC Maccabi Games, welcome all athletes, staff, and volunteers who are transgender and/or non-binary.

All athletes who are transgender will participate in categories that reflect their gender identity. Athletes who identify as non-binary will choose the gender category in which to compete throughout the games. Registration asks athletes to select from male, female, non-binary, choose not to disclose or not listed (with the option to fill in your preferred selection). Please choose the gender with which you identify.