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Personal Training

Personal Training at the J

You and your family can benefit from Personal Training services no matter your goal(s): balance/stability, sports performance, injury prevention, bodybuilding, triathlon conditioning, prenatal fitness, disease management, special accommodations, weight loss or simply a desire to look and feel great!

Our nationally-certified personal trainers will customize a program to meet your unique needs, creating a safe and effective way to reach your goals. Programs may include cardiovascular exercise, resistance and/or functional training, or stretching, all with an individualized goal-oriented focus.

The J offers personal training in several forms and formats. Package discounts available for all training.

To be matched with a J personal trainer or to schedule your free fitness assessment, contact:
Andy Hayes, 314-442-3147

Personal Training Session(s)

One-on-one personal training.

  • 55-minute session, $60-85
  • 30-minute session, $39-57
  • By appointment.

Semi-Private Personal Training

Choose a training partner and improve your fitness levels and quality of life with a challenging, goal-oriented, customized fitness program. Training with another offers benefits in motivation, dedication and inspiration.

  • 2-3 people, 55-minute sessions, $44-54 per person
  • 2-3 people, 30-minute sessions, $26-35
  • By appointment

Group Training

Team training is fun, motivating and challenging – plus, it’s an affordable way to experience the benefits of personal training. Each person will undergo an assessment to measure baseline goals and ability, and will be re-tested to ensure progress. Team exercise helps to instill camaraderie, competition and, of course, RESULTS!

  • 4-6 people, 55-minute session, $24-35 per person
  • One or two sessions per week over four weeks
  • By appointment

Goal-Specific Personal Training Programs

Assisted Stretching: Flexibility Training

Mobility and flexibility is a critical component of physical performance and is equally important for your overall health. Simply “stretching” may not be enough or as effective as the techniques trainers can offer. In a series of 15-minute sessions, our trainers employ a variety of partner-assisted stretching and foam rolling techniques to maximize your results.

Benefits may include:

  • Reduced arthritic symptoms
  • Improved physical performance
  • Improved posture and range of motion
  • Decreased deterioration of joints
  • Reduced risk of pain (low back, joints, muscles)
  • Improved muscle coordination and overall movement

$69 (package of 4 sessions)


Andy Hayes, 314-442-3147


Personal Training