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Jewish Community Center

Family Center – Parenting Support (Imanu)

The J’s Family Center serves as a support for parents by offering classes for expectant Jewish or Interfaith parents, hosting various speakers throughout the year and more.

Imanu, or Our Mothers, is more than just a group of supportive and educational programs for mothers, it is an extension of welcome, warmth and comfort to all families who are new to the J. Through Imanu, you will find connection with other mothers, valuable information as you begin, or continue, your parenting journey, and the support you need to breastfeed your child. Imanu can be your motherhood shalom bayit, your shelter of peace. Imanu programming is provided by Imanu Programming Instructor, Leah Frankel, a licensed Clinical Social Worker and Certified Lactation Counselor.

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For more information about our program, visit the full Family Center page.

Presented by The Ruth & Harold Sher Center of Jewish Life. 

Parent Workshop: Becoming a Soulful Parent

Parents w/children 5 yrs and younger. Grounded in Jewish wisdom, this six-week session guides participants to refl ect on the kind of parent (and partner) they want to become and gives participants room to be honest about their struggles as an important first step in experiencing more joy as a parent. If you’d like to be less concerned with how your children behave, and more concerned with valuing your children as they are, then join us on a journey of Becoming a Soulful Parent.

Need a babysitter? Don’t worry! KidZone Babysitting is available for those who register in advance for the workshop. Space is limited. Call KidZone, 314.442.3168, to reserve your spot.

Contact: Michelle Almengor, 314.442.3436

Wednesday, February 26 – April 1, 6:30-8pm
This is a free workshop, but RSVP is requested.

Parent Workshop: Difficult Conversations

Parents with children 5 years and younger. One of the toughest jobs a parent has is talking to their children about difficult  subjects. In a world of 24-hour news coverage and social media, our children have access to unprecedented amounts of information. Join us as we explore how to address these difficult topics with the youngest members of our community.

Need a babysitter? Don’t worry! KidZone Babysitting is available for those who register in advance for the workshop. Space is limited. Call KidZone, 314.442.3168, to reserve your spot.

Staenberg Family Complex/Creve Coeur
Tuesday, December 17, 6-8pm

To RSVP: Emilie Brockman, 314.442.3267

Presented by The Ruth & Harold Sher Center of Jewish Life.

Mommy Meet Ups

Moms & babies

Being a mom is hard work, but it’s a little more fun when you’re in the company of good friends. Join our community of moms for more information about meet-ups around St. Louis and playgroups in the J Family Centers. Formerly Playgroups.

Locations vary by group, ongoing

Contact: Emilie Brockman, 314.442.3267

Presented by The Ruth & Harold Sher Center of Jewish Life.

New Moms Group

Nursing moms

Support makes all the difference when you are a new mother. Join our monthly group led by our Certified Lactation Counselor, Leah Frankel, where you will find a welcoming community of moms and the opportunity to share and receive advice, connect, commiserate, and celebrate the ups and downs of motherhood.

Staenberg Family Complex/Creve Coeur
January 28, February 25, March 31, April 28, May 26

Contact: Emilie Brockman, 314.442.3267

Breastfeeding Support Opportunities

We offer two support packages, including, but not limited to, comprehensive support; single-visit sessions for questions and troubleshooting; and groups for breastfeeding mothers and families. These packages include services (detailed below) which promote and sustain a comfortable and informed breastfeeding journey. Packages make a wonderful gift for expecting or new mothers and
offer advice and comfort whether you begin prenatally or postpartum.

Staenberg Family Complex/Creve Coeur
By appointment

Contact: Emilie Brockman, 314.442.3267

Individual Support Opportunities

Take advantage of a 30-minute session for a consult or receive answers to specific questions. This is a great chance to have your latch and positioning assessed, ask questions, or chat about your breastfeeding experience. In our 60-minute option, we’ll take great care in hearing your story, chatting about your breastfeeding hopes and goals, and helping you to become comfortable and confident while breastfeeding your baby. Expectant moms are encouraged to schedule a prenatal consult so that you can learn ways for an easy transition to breastfeeding.

Staenberg Family Complex/Creve Coeur
Consultations by appointment
30-minute: $25 members/$35 public
60-minute $45 members/$63 public

Contact: Emilie Brockman, 314.442.3267

Expecting Mom Special

Pregnant Mom Special
A perfect gift for an expecting mother! Includes:

  • 60-minute prenatal consult to promote a great start to breastfeeding
  • 60-minute postpartum consult to ensure comfortable nursing and answer questions
  • Two 30-minute follow-up sessions to troubleshoot, ask additional questions or prepare to return to work

$119 members/$167 public

Contact: Emilie Brockman, 314.442.3267

New Mom Special

Get, or give, the gift of comfortable, confident breastfeeding. The new mom special package includes:

  • 60-minute postpartum consult to assess latch and position, Q & A, and receive one-on-one support
  • Two 30-minute follow-ups for unexpected or additional questions and/or to create a breastfeeding plan

$86 members/$120 public

Contact: Emilie Brockman, 314.442.3267


Emilie Brockman