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Jewish Community Center

J Next

JNext & Nishmah go to NJT

Saturday, June 1
6:30pm – Dinner
8pm – Showtime

Join the JNext (our recent empty nesters crew) and Nishmah women for a special night of theater and a behind the scenes look at We All Fall Down. Rebekah Scallet, NJT’s Artistic Director, will be available before the show to chat about the show! Drinks and food will be provided. Group sale tickets are available with JNext promo code.

$15 – Dinner
$38 – Ticket

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About JNext

J Next is a new initiative of the J that focuses on adults who are recent empty nesters around the ages of 40 to 55 with children recently out of the house. The program is designed for members and non-members of the J who have kids around 18-25 years old. We are looking to be here in this next stage of life. Are you looking to fill the time that used to be in the carpool line or driving to and from afterschool sports?


Avital Kadosh, Director, Jewish Experience and Innovation

Marianne Chervitz, JNext Chair