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Jewish Community Center

J Next

JBF Bookend Event: Fayne Frey, The Skincare Hoax

The Skincare Hoax is an expose on the marketing tactics used that get us all to buy over-the-counter skincare. It will make you rethink everything you know about skincare. You’ll learn about the well-kept secrets of the skincare industry, how media ads influence our buying decisions and get recommendations for effective products and simple skincare regimens that are easy and affordable.

In partnership with Nishmah and JNext.

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Charcuterie Board Tu B’Shevat

Tuesday, January 25 at 6pm

Adults 21+. Join us for the first of many holiday food-related competitions. Come learn more about Tu B’Shevat, and challenge your charcuterie board making skills. Register as an individual, a couple or an entire team! A special invitation to our JNext members (recent empty nesters), Nishmah women, and adults over the age of 21. This is being put on in partnership with MaTovu. We will be creating seasonally-appropriate cocktails as well!

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About JNext

J Next is a new initiative of the J that focuses on adults who are recent empty nesters around the ages of 40 to 55 with children recently out of the house. The program is designed for members and non-members of the J who have kids around 18-25 years old. We are looking to be here in this next stage of life. Are you looking to fill the time that used to be in the carpool line or driving to and from afterschool sports?


Avital Kadosh, Director, Jewish Experience and Innovation

Marianne Chervitz, JNext Chair