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Jewish Community Center

Signature Small Group Training

Signature Small Group Training

Body Transformation Program

Staenberg Family Complex (Creve Coeur)

Small Group Training offers many benefits! Specialty Training classes are for people 18 and older. Unless noted, classes last 55 minutes.

SFC Signature Training Brochure

SFC Signature Small Group sessions are low-cost and high-efficiency. By focusing on an interest of your choosing – ViPR, Suspension Training, Boxing, MMA Fitness – sessions allow the intensity of an individual training session with the camaraderie and group atmosphere that build healthy bodies and relationships! A great supplement to weekly personal training or an alternative for a small group. Our educated fitness staff will motivate you throughout.


  • Unlimited Sessions: $175*/month
  • 2x per week: $125*/month
  • Drop-in: $25/session
  • Intro offer: try any two sessions for $25!
  • *EFT Payment Plan required
  • Two-month commitment required
  • 30-cancellation notice required
  • Space is subject to availability, reserve your spot early
  • Classes generally include 4-10 participants

Creve Coeur: Jason Davis, 314.442.3176

SFC Format Descriptions

Body Transformation
  • For those who may need a boost to get started on their fitness journey with a desired minimum of 15 pounds weight loss
  • You will learn how to work out, including proper lifting techniques, movements and body control
  • Cardio benefits derived from increased heart rate and intensity levels as you improve abilities
  • You will get stronger, leaner and begin to achieve your fitness goals as you progress
Boot Camps
  • Workouts will include aspects of cardio, strength and endurance training
  • Participants will utilize Battle Ropes, TRX Suspension Training, kettlebells, body weight and more to maximize their workout
  • Several trainers available for Boot Camps so clients can align with what works best
Box Your B.E.S.T.
  • Fast-paced, high-endurance boxing-themed workout
  • Several boxing related fitness drills offer a variety of movements
  • Cardio benefits gained from individual drills with often-changing stations
  • Jr. version also available for kids ages 8-16
F.I.T. - Fun Intense Training
  • Functional workouts with a “fun” twist consisting of weekly challenges and fun rewards
  • Utilizes multiple areas of the fitness center to keep workouts fresh and diverse
  • Goal is to create an inspiring atmosphere while attaining goals and enjoying fitness
Floor Fridays
  • Fitness floor focused training utilizing free weights, squat racks, deadlift platform, bench press and more
  • Training is primarily strength based with an emphasis on full body usage – i.e. squats, push and pull movements
  • Learn how to workout using complimentary muscle groups with weighted movements
Habit of Awareness
  • Actively and deliberately practice physical and mental skills associated with keeping you safe
  • Increase your awareness in avoiding potentially risky situations before they’re presented
  • Learn to be deliberate and consistent • Most people won’t learn or become proficient in self-defense or use of a weapon – this is the next best thing!
  • Combines martial arts techniques, utilizing a fast-paced workout
  • High energy workout offer a challenge for all
  • Self-defense benefits may be attained from regular attendance
Myzone Target Training
  • Myzone offers the premier function of allowing you to control your intensity level
  • Heart rate targets are established, and program can be individualized, with every exercise using the Myzone colored zones
  • Cardio equipment and free weights utilized for circuit-style workouts
Roll with the Punches - Parkinson's Disease Association Certified

Those with Parkinson’s disease can enhance their quality of life and even build strength, flexibility and speed

  • Workout can be modified for all fitness levels for those with Parkinson’s
  • Builds body strength by focusing on core development and body movement
  • Full body workout intended to make everyday activities easier
TRX® Suspension Training
  • TRX System supports a full body workout using primarily body weight for a true challenge
  • Core development is a primary focus of several TRX movements
  • Clients will utilize TRX straps and additional weights further workout enhancements
Strength Camp
  • Learn and perform various Olympic lifts and powerlifting using barbells, dumbbells and kettlebells
  • Workouts will be combined with a cardio aspect to enhance your workout to create further benefits
  • Consistent training intended to offer gains in raw power and strength

Marilyn Fox Building (Chesterfield)

Take advantage of a progressive, results-based program, where you can see the results. Certified personal trainers are there every step of the way for direction, encouragement and to push you past what you thought possible!

All groups are for people 12 and older* and sessions last 55 minutes
*Excludes Youth Speed and Agility (available for members 9 – 15yrs and older).


  • Unlimited Sessions: $175*/month
  • 2x per week: $125*/month
  • Drop-in: $25/session
  • Intro offer: try any two sessions for $25!
  • *EFT Payment Plan required
  • Two-month commitment required
  • 30-cancellation notice required
  • Space is subject to availability, reserve your spot early
  • Classes generally include 4-10 participants

Chesterfield: Andy Hayes, 314-442-3147

Fox Building Format Descriptions

Boot Camp
  • Various full-body exercises designed for extreme caloric burns in a small group setting
  • Individually modified for every fitness level
  • Experience a variety of training formats that increase endurance, power, strength and overall fitness
  • Gain confidence utilizing barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, as well as your own bodyweight
Women Only Strength & Conditioning
  • Designed for to learn and improve strength and conditioning movements
  • Increases endurance, power and overall fitness
  • Gain confidence using kettlebells, dumbbells, barbells, ropes, med balls, cables and more