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Signature Small Group Training

Signature Small Group Training

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Introducing two new small group training experiences to try!

  • Flexible Conditioning: Use our new equipment (SkiErgs, Rogue Eco Bikes, Concept 2 Rowers and Keiser Cycle bikes) to improve cardiovascular conditioning, mobility, flexibility, and overall quality of movement. This session is a combination of cardio and mobility exercises, including foam rolling, yoga, bodyweight exercises and more! Available at the Staenberg Family Complex on Mondays & Wednesdays (7pm), Tuesdays & Thursdays (9am) and Saturday & Sundays (8am).
  • Pickleball Strength & Conditioning: Develop your strength, stamina, speed, agility and more to become the best Pickleball player you can be! Improve your performance and prevent sports-related injuries. Available at the Marilyn Fox Building on Tuesdays (12:30pm) and Thursdays (12pm).

Small group training offers an affordable path for clients to take advantage of a trainer’s expertise – while keeping the fun and competitiveness of a group dynamic. Groups generally never exceed eight participants, which allows for one-on-one instruction when needed, but still offers a high–quality workout with additional motivation from our fellow group members. Workouts are tailored to different equipment, purpose, and more, but are still designed to provide significant benefits. You have several options as you discover what works for you. Try a class, make new friends,  connect with a new trainer, and find what motivates you! You’ll love the results!

Benefits of Signature Training

  • Improve your fitness in cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength, flexibility and body composition
  • Small Groups (4-10 people) are led by a certified personal trainer to assure proper technique
  • While in a group setting, individual attention is available for personal improvement
  • Easily modify workouts to make sessions as easy or as hard as needed, but in a safe and controlled manner
  • Use of functional non-traditional training techniques not found in most general fitness classes (TRX, ViPR, CoreHammer, SRT Barbells, etc).
  • High energy and motivation creates a challenging, but fun workout environment
  • Experience social fitness, be inspired by groupmates, and get challenged (and healthy) all in one!

Staenberg Family Complex (Creve Coeur)

  • Sundays, 12pm
  • Mondays, 6am, 7am, 9:30am, 12pm, 7pm
  • Tuesdays, 6am, 7am, 9:30am, 12pm, 5pm, 6pm
  • Wednesdays, 7am, 12pm, 5pm, 7pm
  • Thursdays, 7am, 9:30am, 12pm, 1pm, 5pm, 6pm

Small Group Training offers many benefits! Specialty Training classes are for people 16 and older. Unless noted, classes last 55 minutes.

SFC Signature Small Group sessions are low-cost and high-efficiency. Sessions allow the intensity of an individual training session with the camaraderie and group atmosphere that build healthy bodies and relationships! A great supplement to weekly personal training. Our educated fitness staff will motivate you throughout.


Body Transformation

  • For those who may need a boost to get started on their fitness journey (with a desired minimum of 15 pounds weight loss).
  • You will learn how to work out, including proper lifting techniques, movements and body control.
  • Cardio benefits derived from increasing heart rate and intensity levels as you improve abilities.
  • You will get stronger, leaner and begin to achieve your fitness goals as you progress.
Body Transformation

  • Designs for maximum calorie burn in a small group setting
  • Individually modified for every fitness level
  • Workouts consist of body weight, battle ropes, TRX, dumbbells, and kettlebells along with other training tools.
  • A constantly changing and fun workout.
Box Your B.E.S.T.

  • Fast-Paced, high-endurance boxing-themed workout.
  • Several boxing related fitness drills offers a variety of movements.
  • Cardio benefits gained from individual drills with often changing stations.
F.I.T. - Fun, Intense, Training

  • Functional workouts with a “fun” twist consisting of weekly challenges.
  • Utilizes multiple areas of the fitness center to keep workouts fresh and diverse.
  • Goal is to create an inspiring atmosphere while attaining goals and enjoying fitness.
Mom Squad

  • These workouts will improve strength, conditioning, and mobility.
  • Class will commit to feeling better, improving themselves and increasing their knowledge of nutrition and fitness.
  • All who identified as female are welcome.
Performance Training

  • Workout designed for multiple levels of fitness.
  • The workouts consist of strengthening and conditioning our bodies for daily life, sport, and overall functionality.
  • Addressing ailments and improving movement confidence with greater range of motion and pain-free.
  • We will focus on strength, power, mobility, and well as aspects of sports. to improve our coordination, balance, and athleticism. Perfect for those currently playing and starting a sport of any kind.
Strength Camp

  • Learning and performing various Olympic lifts and powerlifting using barbells, dumbbells and kettlebells.
  • Workouts will be combined with a cardio aspect to enhance your workout to create further benefits.
  • Consistent training intended to offer gains in raw power and strength.
  • Workouts designed to push you to your limits, in a safe and progressive manner.


  • $175/month (unlimited)
  • $125/month (two sessions per week)
  • Drop-in: $25session
  • EFT Payment Plan required
  • Two-month commitment required
  • 30-cancellation notice required
  • Space is subject to availability, reserve your spot early
  • Classes generally include 4-10 participants

Creve Coeur: Bernie Suddarth, 314.442.3152
Chesterfield: Andy Hayes, 314.442.3147