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Signature Small Group Training

Signature Small Group Training

Small group training offers an affordable path for clients to take advantage of a trainer’s expertise – while keeping the fun and competitiveness of a group dynamic. Groups generally do not exceed eight participants, which allows for one-on-one instruction when needed, but still offers a high–quality workout with additional motivation from fellow group members. Workouts are tailored to different equipment, purpose, and more, but are still designed to provide significant benefits. You have several options as you discover what works for you. Try a class, make new friends,  connect with a new trainer, and find what motivates you! You’ll love the results!

Benefits of Signature Training

  • Improve your fitness in cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength, flexibility and body composition
  • Small Groups (4-10 people) are led by a certified personal trainer to assure proper technique
  • While in a group setting, individual attention is available for personal improvement
  • Easily modify workouts to make sessions as easy or as hard as needed, but in a safe and controlled manner
  • Use of functional non-traditional training techniques not found in most general fitness classes (TRX, ViPR, CoreHammer, SRT Barbells, etc).
  • High energy and motivation creates a challenging, but fun workout environment
  • Experience social fitness, be inspired by groupmates, and get challenged (and healthy) all in one!

Small Group Training offers many benefits! Specialty Training classes are for people 16 and older. Unless noted, classes last 55 minutes.

SFC Signature Small Group sessions are low-cost and high-efficiency. Sessions allow the intensity of an individual training session with the camaraderie and group atmosphere that build healthy bodies and relationships! A great supplement to weekly personal training. Our educated fitness staff will motivate you throughout.


  • $179/month (unlimited)
  • $129/month (two sessions per week)
  • $69/month (one session per week)
  • Drop-in: $30/session
  • Try your first class free!

EFT Payment Plan required. Must have a two-month commitment. 30-day cancellation notice is required. Space is subject to availability, so reserve your spot early!

Class Descriptions

Body Transformation: Toned

Perfect for those looking to drop body fat and get lean. Workouts combine up-tempo intervals of strength and endurance exercises to maximize your time in the gym. Work towards achieving the body and confidence you have always wanted.

Body Transformation: Strength

A small group for those who are looking to add some lean muscle and improve muscular strength. Trainers utilize bodybuilding and powerlifting concepts to maximize results. Build the body and self confidence of which you have always dreamed.

Boot Camp

Designed to maximize calorie burn, this class utilizes a combination of strength and endurance training. Sessions consist of body weight, battle rope, TRX, dumbbells, and kettlebell exercises. Constantly changing and fun, this class is easily modifiable to fit anyone’s ability level.

Block Zero: Athletic Training for Youth Ages 6-12 years

Provides young participants with a proper introduction to basic athletic fundamentals necessary for life and play. Using a combination of body weight exercises and beneficial exercise tools such as medicine balls, TRX, dumbbells, kettlebells, and more to build experience and athletic abilities. Drills develop strength, endurance, power, speed, agility, coordination, reaction time, and balance.

Box Your B.E.S.T. (Boxing Endurance, Strength Training)

Fast paced, high endurance boxing themed workout, offering a variety of challenging movements. Station drills provide an up-tempo cardio workout with balance, agility, and coordination benefits.

Men's Small Group Fitness

A signature class designed for men who want to change the meaning of “dad bod” to a more positive athletic definition! A circuit style class designed to increase strength, stamina, metabolic function, and lean muscle tissue. Improve body fat levels, get stronger, better conditioned, and become a better version of you!

F.I.T Crew (Functional Interval Training)

A class to focus on stability, strength and power and build you up to make elements of everyday life easier. This includes pushing, pulling, lifting, squatting, reaching, and more. No experience necessary, this class can be modified for anybody!

Mom Squad

A signature class designed for busy moms who want to make fitness more of a priority. A circuit style class designed to increase strength, stamina, metabolic function, and lean muscle tissue. Decrease stress and body fat levels while also reducing aches and discomfort through mobility training.

Performance Training

Workouts designed to strengthen and condition your body for daily life, sport, and overall functionality. Focuses on strength, power, and mobility development along with improvements in coordination, balance, and stability. A perfect solution to anyone participating in sports competition or simply seeking athletic improvements for a better life.

Pickleball Strength and Conditioning

A class designed to specifically improve overall fitness for participants to have better overall pickleball play and enjoyment of competition. Improve athleticism with exercises to develop your muscular strength, stability, coordination, reaction time, agility, balance, speed, and power. Lower the risk of sports injury and obliterate the competition!

Roll with the Punches: Parkinson’s Boxing

Boxing themed workout specifically designed for individuals with Parkinson’s. Boxing related drills offer a variety of movements and ranges of motion to maintain and develop functional strength. Stations offer a cardiovascular benefit while working on balance, coordination, and reaction time.

Strength Camp

Consistent and progressive training intended to provide gains in strength and power. Olympic lifts and their auxiliary lifts are the basis of the program to build functional strength and athleticism. Workouts also include aspects of condition to enhance your workout and create additional health benefits.

TRX Strength and Conditioning

Sessions primarily focus on utilizing TRX suspension trainers paired with other exercise tools to provide a complete and challenging workout. Fast-paced full body workouts will provide you with improved stamina and added strength. Great option for ALL ability levels as TRX exercises are easily modifiable to fit each participant’s needs and abilities.

Women's Strength Camp

A signature class designed women who want to improve their fitness to superhero levels! A fun and constantly varied class to creatively prepare you for the battlefield of life by improving muscular strength and cardiovascular fitness.

Youth Fitness 101 (11-13 year olds)

Learn physical fitness and health skills in this well-rounded class. This class aims to increase the confidence to use the fitness center more efficiently and successfully, from warm-up to cool down,
cardio machines to strength machines.

Young Athlete Strength & Conditioning (14-18 year olds)

High school athletes learn skills directly transferable to the field, court, track, or ice. Develop power with plyometrics, strength with weight lifting, and other skills with coordination, speed, and
agility exercises.


Andy Hayes, 314-442-3147 (Chesterfield)
Pat Connors, 314.442.3452 (Creve Coeur)