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Jewish Community Center

Special Open Gym Times


The J refinishes the gym floors every year, and the gyms are closed during this time. This year, the schedule is as follows:
SFC/Creve Coeur: August 14-28
Fox /Chesterfield: August 28-September 11

To accommodate table top and small-court sports, the J provides special activity times in the gym. Please consult the schedule below for badminton, ping pong and pickleball times. Schedule subject to change. Contact the Front Desk (314-432-5700) to verify open play.

The J does not supply equipment for Open Badminton or Open Ping Pong. Please supply your own paddles, shuttlecocks and racquets.

Creve Coeur

Open Badminton

Mondays – Fridays, 9-11am

Open Ping Pong

Mondays – Fridays, 10-11:30am
Mondays – Thursdays, 7-9pm
Saturdays – Sundays, 9-11am

Open Pickleball

Tuesdays, 12-3pm
Thursdays, 12-3pm
Saturdays, 8am-12pm
Sundays, 8am-12pm

Open Basketball

View the schedule


Open Basketball

View the schedule

Open Pickleball

Mondays, 12-2pm, 6:30-10pm
Wednesdays, 12-2pm, 6:30-10pm
Fridays, 12-2pm, 5-8pm


Badminton and Ping Pong: Free and open only for members
Open Pickleball: Free for members


Phil Ruben