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Jewish Community Center


Yoga builds strength, flexibility, and balance through a unique combination of breathing techniques and flowing, connective movements. Yoga is the practice of balancing the negative and positive energies while harmonizing body, breath and mind. The J is pleased to offer beginning, intermediate and advanced level classes at various times of day, seven days a week.

Group Exercise Schedules

Yoga for Beginners

Build strength, flexibility and balance as you use movements and breathing to calm and center your mind. Our classes for beginners are comfortable spaces in which to learn and cultivate your practice.


Expand your practice. Explore more challenging positions and techniques as you continue to build strength, increase flexibility and improve balance.

Private Yoga

Individual, goal-oriented yoga program unique to you. Progress at your pace to feel more comfortable in advanced classes, or to develop a practice you can take with you. By appointment only.

Yoga for Cancer

Yoga for Cancer is a yoga methodology that teaches interventions for cancer patients and survivors. Interventions are an effective and safe complementary modality that can help cancer patients and survivors manage symptoms and side effects, as well as help improve health outcomes. Classes are gentle and restorative and focus on the foundation of movement and breath and the special needs of cancer patients or survivors.

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Group exercise classes are included in membership.

Private yoga is $65/55-minute session.
Call for package discounts.


Sarah Amonson, 314.442.3210

Group exercise classes are drop-in only.

Private yoga by appointment only.