Updated Mask Policy per St. Louis County Guidelines, effective November 17, 2020
Everyone must wear a mask, all the time, in all areas* of the J – even during workouts.

This includes all open play sports, such as basketball and racquetball. *Masks are not required in the pool (they are required on deck).
Some people and programs are excluded from this order. Details at stlcorona.com

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Jewish Community Center

Board of Directors

We are grateful to the following individuals, who have demonstrated their commitment to ensuring that the J in remains relevant, inclusive and financially sound so that it may serve generations to come.


Chair: Greg W. Siwak
Vice Chair: Cynthia L. Albin
Vice Chair: Stuart L. Block
Vice Chair: Jeffrey A. Cohen
Vice Chair: W. Ted Isaacs

Treasurer: Arthur E. Weiss
Asst. Treasurer: Andy Sandler
Secretary: Debbie K. Lefton
Assistant Secretary: Jenny Hoffman-Mentle

Board Members

Ron G. Abeles
Marc H. Alper
Michael Ferman
Ted Flom
William Goldstein
Rachel Katzman
Thom Kuhn
Abby L. Kushnir
Bonnie E. Mann
Jacob C. Murov
Manne A. Palan
Brian I. Pultman

Steven Rosenzweig
Jane T. Rubin
Bryan Sanger
Michelle F. Schwerin
Judith R. Scissors
Lori D. Sheinbein
Tracey Singer
Jill A. Starr
Julie B. Stern
Marc Wallis
David A. Wright

Lifetime Board Members

Harvey M. Brown*
Jonathan J. Deutsch*
Charles C. Eisenkramer*
Marilyn Fox*
Paul J. Gallant*
Harvey S. Gershenson*
Harvey Gerstein*
Steven L. Goldenberg*
Howard Hearsh*
Frank A. Jacobs*

Felicia M. Malter*
Helene Mirowitz
Marty E. Oberman*
Lenore R. Pepper*
Sanford E. Pomerantz*
Jerome Raskas*
Monte L. Sandler*
Todd Siwak*
Michael H. Staenberg*

*Past President