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Jewish Community Center

Signature Small Group Training

Small Group Training offers many benefits!

  • Improve in all areas of fitness – cardiovascular endurance, cardiovascular strength, muscular strength and endurance, flexibility and body composition.
  • Small Groups (5-10 people) led by certified personal trainer assure proper technique and individual attention in a fun and friendly competitive environment.
  • Workouts are easily modified to make sessions as easy or hard as needed but in a safe and controlled manner.
  • Use of non-traditional training techniques not found in most general fitness classes (TRX, ViPR, CoreHammer, SRT Barbells, etc).
  • High-energy and high-motivation workout sessions.
  • Accountability and friendship among people who regularly work out together.

Specialty Training classes are for people 18 and older. Unless noted, classes last 55 minutes.

Offered at both the Staenberg Family Complex in Creve Coeur and the Marilyn Fox Building in Chesterfield.

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Andy Hayes, 314.442.3147