Age is just a number. Whether you’re a toddler or a senior citizen, everyone still has the same basic needs. For healthy children to grow into healthy adults and healthy adults into healthy seniors, everyone needs exercise and social engagement. At the J, you get all of this (and more), no matter what age you are! If you’re looking for community engagement and fitness in St. Louis, the J has a program or activity for you. Here’s how this St. Louis community center can help you keep your health and fitness goals!

Pre-Birth to Age 5

According to the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, the first five formative years of a child’s life has a lasting impact on their “social, cognitive, emotional, and physical development.” Parents and caregivers create that foundation, but everyone who interacts with your child also leaves a long-term impression. 

Other mentors, teachers, and friends can help your child uncover new talents and interests. Meeting different people helps your little one develop confidence and better social skills. 

Introduce your child to new experiences in a safe setting at the J’s fully-accredited Early Childhood Center. This inclusive environment will introduce your child to yoga, dance, arts, swimming, and so much more!   

Looking for some fun-in-the-sun things for your little ones to do? Enroll them in our Youth Sports Program or the Jr. Jaws Swim Club so they can discover their talents in a stress-free environment. 

Grades K-8

Kids are a blessing, but they’re also full of non-stop energy. Day camp is the perfect opportunity for them to let some of that energy out and channel it into something productive like making friends and engaging in physical fitness. 

Summer is also a time for kids to relax a little. We can understand if the structure of day camp might be a little too much for some kids. 

Give them a hint of structure but the freedom of fun outside of school. Help them find the balance between rest and enrichment with regular get-togethers or games, such as J Splash Academy or the Youth Sports Program

Hey, sometimes parents need a break, too. Drop the kids off for a Vacation Day. You both deserve it!

Grades 9-12

The teenage years are a time of growth and discovery. Kids start to figure out who they want to be as adults and tend to look to others for some guidance on how to get there. 

These impressionable years require good role models in the form of teachers and friends. Your teen gets the best of both worlds at the J!

Motivate your teen to become their best self with the Youth Fitness Programs. The J offers small group classes and private training sessions! 

67% of teenagers feel pressured to keep their emotions to themselves. At the J, we promote inclusivity, diversity, and personal development. The Youth Theatre Program is the perfect backdrop for your child to channel their feelings into a work of art. 


Doing things as a family is the key to fostering lifelong memories. However, getting everyone on the same page can be a little challenging for some families. We get it.

Thankfully, there is something for everyone at the J! The Family Center has plenty of programs that everyone can partake in, no matter what age you are. 

The best way to create memories is by trying something new together. Take a Taekwondo class or join the Disc Golf Clinic. If you’ve never tried something before, the J is the place to learn!

Plant the seeds of healthy habits, a good heart, and a green thumb in the Garden of Eden. Thanks to volunteers like your family, this community garden produces thousands of pounds of food for the Harvey Kornblum Jewish Food Pantry at Jewish Family and Children’s Services every year!


Kids don’t get to have all the fun. Adults can socialize, work out, or learn a hobby, too. At this St. Louis community center, there are plenty of opportunities to do just that. 

Channel your inner Ben Stiller for a thrilling game of Adult Dodgeball. Get a sweat on with Cycling or Pilates.

While a parent’s job is never done, there comes a time where the little birds must fly out on their own. Ponder your next steps with other empty nesters at J Next. From cocktail parties to murder mysteries, begin an exciting new chapter of your life with fun and new friends. 

Sometimes parents have to transition from taking care of their kids to taking care of their parents. Develop the skills you need and receive the support you deserve by acquiring an American Red Cross Lifeguard Certification or joining the Caregiver & Alzheimer’s Education Programs

You never know when these life lessons will come in handy. Plus, you will meet others who may lend the ear or helping hand you need. 


Being a senior citizen doesn’t mean it’s time to slow down. There’s so much to do and plenty of time to do it. Get involved with the community at any age at the J! 

The Naturally Occurring Retirement Community (NORC) has it all, including chair yoga, Wii games, socials, arts, crafts, and so much more!

Staying active is crucial for a healthy body and mind, especially as you age. Socialize and get a good workout by joining a Swim Program or playing Pickleball. It’s never too late to get up and get moving! 

Communities are composed of people of all ages. The J is where we all come together to support one another and encourage each other to live healthier and happier lives!