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Jewish Community Center

Youth Fitness Programs

Youth Fitness Orientation

By appointment

A youth fitness orientation is mandatory for children 12-15 years old who would like to use the fitness centers at either J location. This 30-minute course will teach youth how to safely and effectively use the cardiovascular and strength equipment in our fitness centers. After completing the course successfully, participants will be allowed independent use of the fitness centers. Participants will learn the following:

  • how to do basic exercise
  • guidelines for using free weights, weight machines and cardio equipment
  • risks and benefits of resistance training
  • how to develop a safe and effective resistance training program

Participants must complete a registration form and medical clearance before making an appointment. Registration includes a physician’s release, Par-Q and liability form.

Orientation Packet



(Must complete packet before making an appointment)

Block Zero (Youth)

  • Zero = participants’ relative training age.
  • Provides participants with a proper introduction to basic athletic fundamentals necessary for life and play.
  • Body weight exercises are the fundamental basis of this program. Med balls, kettlebells, bands, and other resistance equipment maybe utilized.
Youth Personal Training

12 years of age and older. Our certified personal trainers are here to help your child fall in love with fitness! Getting into a physical training program and staying active can help you son or daughter in immeasurable ways. From their own self-confidence, to helping avoid chronic disease and even academic achievement, children who get into physical activity early are inclined to have a positive outlook on fitness and make it part of their long-term routine. Let our trainers put together the correct plan of action for your child so they can fall in love with fitness!

Benefits often also include:

  • general health
  • preventing injuries
  • having a healthy body image
  • promoting positive mental health
  • building strong bones and muscles
  • affecting a child’s academic achievement by improving concentration,
  • memory and classroom behavior
  • helping to avoid burnout by making fitness fun
  • specialized conditioning for sports or other activities
  • creating a lifelong association of enjoyment and fitness

Programs may include cardiovascular exercises, resistance, functional training and/or stretching, all with an individualized, goal-oriented focus.


By appointment
55 minutes: $60-$85/session
30 minutes: $39-$87/session

Youth Fitness 101

Ages 11-13. Learn physical fitness and health skills in this well-rounded class. This class aims to increase the confidence to use the fitness center more efficiently and successfully, from warm-up to cool down, cardio machines to strength machines.

Pricing per month

  • Try your first class free!
  • 1 class/week: $69
  • 2 class/week: $129
  • Unlimited classes: $179
  • Drop-in rate: $30 per class
Young Athlete Strength & Conditioning

Ages 14-18. High school athletes learn skills directly transferable to the field, court, track, or ice. Develop power with plyometrics, strength with weight lifting, and other skills with coordination, speed, and agility exercises.

Pricing per month

  • Try your first class free!
  • 1 class/week: $69
  • 2 class/week: $129
  • Unlimited classes: $179
  • Drop-in rate: $30 per class


Andy Hayes, 314-442-3147