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Jewish Community Center

About The St. Louis Jewish Film Festival

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Festival Committee

Co-Chairs: Marilyn K. Brown, Paula Sigel, Jeffrey Korn z”l
Film Screeners: Julie Frankel, Jay Goldstein, John Wilson
Film Selection: Jerry Bamberger, Dee Berman, Marilyn Brown, Julie Frankel, Jay Goldstein, Kent Hirschfelder, Sue Koritz, Jerry Kreisman, Merle Oberman, Lois Perryman, Judy Plocker, Sissy Price, Adinah Raskas, Paula Sigel, Patsy Spector, John Wilson

Cultural Arts Staff

Director, Cultural Arts: John Wilson
Chief Officer, Jewish Engagement: Rabbi Brad Horwitz
Technical Director: Laura Skroska

Sponsor the St. Louis Jewish Film Festival

Our sponsors are recognized throughout the festival. Each sponsor will have their names on the screen before each film and on our website, providing great exposure. If you have not yet signed up to become a sponsor, don’t worry there is still time! Click the button below to support the St. Louis Jewish Film Festival.

We are proud of our success and truly appreciate your tremendous support.

Sponsor or Donate

Oscar Sponsors

Howard N. Lesser
Marilyn and Sam Fox Family

Golden Globe Sponsors


Lorraine Allen and Rita Mae Allen Family Foundation
Madeleine Elkins and Harvey Wallace Family
Aurelia Konrad Charitable Foundation
Dianne O’Connell and Thom Kuhn 

Red Carpet Sponsors

Lindsay and Norman Druck and Family/Susan Matlof Family
Ronnie Gross Family
Leslie & Stan Hoffman
Margie Horowitz Family
Joanne and Joel Iskiwitch 
Harvey Kornblum Foundation
Sima and Philip Needleman Family
Merle and Marty Oberman Family
Sima and Philip z”l Needleman

Two Thumbs Up Sponsors

B’nai B’rith St. Louis Missouri Lodge #22
Judy and John Brandvein Family
Marilyn & Steven Brown Family
RubinBrown LLP
The Delmar Gardens Family
Ellen & Norman Farber Family
Julie and Lenny Frankel Family 
Lotta & Jeff Fox Family
Judith and Al Goldman Family
Phyllis and Stephen Kamenetzky Family
Judith and Jerry Kreisman
Sue and Mark Koritz Family
Aimee and Richard Korn
Elaine and Jeffrey z”l Korn
Sanford Neuman Family
Adinah and Heschel Raskas Family 
Ruth & Alvin Siteman Family
Patsy and Gershon Spector Family
Sanford (z”l) & Gloria Spitzer Family Foundation
David Soshnik

Mitzvah Sponsors

Helping seniors with limited resources attend films.

Jerry Bamberger and Fran Zellinger
Harvey Brown
Gen Gap America Inc.
Dorette and Edward Goldberg
Jan Greenberg
Susie and Steven Lowy
Jean and Stanley Margul
Sanford Neuman z”l
Caryn and Bruce Sandweiss
Jennifer and Nicholas Tompras
Laurie and Lee Wielansky
Judith and Gerald Zafft Family
Muriel and Randal Zimring 

Co-Sponsoring Organizations

ADL Heartland
B’nai Amoona Sisterhood
Congregation Sharre Emeth
Kol Rinah
Kol Rina Sisterhood
Maryville University Hillel
National Council of Jewish Women St. Louis
STAGES St. Louis
St. Louis Kaplan Feldman Holocaust Museum
Temple Emanuel Book Club