Hello! Although the J is closed, we’ve been working hard to connect with you in new and exciting ways. We hope you’ll find a way to connect with us at your Virtual J.

If you have a question or need, you can still call us at 314.432.5700 or send us an email.

For more information about when we may reopen, click here.

We can hardly wait to see you again, but until that day, you can find your Center online.

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Jewish Community Center

Festival Board, Committee and Staff

2019 St. Louis Jewish Book Festival Executive Board

Festival Co-Chairs: Bob Germain & Barb Williams
Assistant Co-Chair: Bruce Glatter
Vice Chairs Bookstore: Marilyn Brown & Louise Levine
Vice Chairs Sponsor Relations: Judy Berger, Julie Frankel & Jean Margu
Vice Chair Hospitality: Judy Schwartz Jaffe, Judy Plocker, & Judi Scissors
Vice Chair: Community Engagement: Jim Bogart & Bonnie Solomon
Vice Chair Special Programs: Eileen Edelman, Gail Eisenkramer & Regina Shapiro
Vice Chairs Volunteer Engagement: Bruce Glatter & Pam Holly

Committee Chairpeople

Bookstore Orders & Inventory: Judy Barnett & Marilen Pitler
Bookstore Volunteers: Sheryl Feldman & Susie Koch
Bookstore Design, Set-up and Tear-down: Sofia Kent & Phyllis Siege
Raffles: Barb Raznik
Co-Sponsoring Organizations: Diana Katz & Marcia Lyons
Brochure Distribution: Beth Saltzman
Missouri’s Own: Hillary Friedman, Cynthia Frohlichstein, Linda K. Kusmer, Carole C. Levin & Gloria Spitzer
Women’s Night: Debbie Grebler & Paula Sigel
Sports Night: Rhonda Appel, Les Berger, Dee Berman, Myron Holtzman & Earl Salsman
Ticketing: Reva Davis & Valerie Shapiro
Symphony Supports: Myrna Hershman & Barb Kramer


Director, Literary & Jewish Arts: Amy Bornstein, 314-442-3152
Director, J Cultural Arts Director:
Zelda Sparks, 314-442-3169
Manager, Box Office: Natalie Piper, 314-442-3299