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Polar® BodyAge Fitness Assessment

polar-fitness-assesment-010615-51Learn your true body age!

During your initial fitness consultation, you’ll discuss your fitness goals, exercise lifestyle history and medical history. Trainers will conduct a Polar® BodyAge test giving you a fitness assessment based on the body’s vital statistics. Everyone using the Polar BodyAge system gets a completely unique and thorough assessment of his or her physical body age. This information will then be used to guide you down the correct path to a better, healthier you. You will also receive a fitness center tutorial and be shown how to correctly use several machines.


POLAR BodyAge:

  • Shows you your true body age in terms of fitness and health vs. just your chronological age
  • Gives gender- and age-specific rankings of fitness level
  • Builds a plan to improve your fitness with a realistic time frame
  • Tracks and compares all of your assessments to show how and where you have improved

POLAR caters to all levels of fitness by offering a comprehensive product range, along with essential support and advice. Everything from improving an athlete’s sports performance to helping people enjoy a healthier lifestyle, and aiding rehabilitation and weight management.

Make the most of your assessment with Cardio Coaching!

Cardio Coaching is a program designed specifically to improve your current fitness levels.


Members are eligible for a complimentary POLAR BodyAge assessment every three months.


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