Joining a fitness class is a fun way to make new friends and create a healthier, happier version of yourself. However, starting a new exercise routine can be challenging for some people. It could be even more difficult if they don’t feel comfortable participating while being their authentic selves. This Pride Month, and all year round, celebrate diversity in your fitness classes. Along with others, bring your true self to fitness class and help inspire those around you. Here’s why inclusivity matters in fitness classes!

Fitness is a Right

Around 50% of Americans are intimidated to work out in gyms. Many feel that their bodies are inadequate when compared to gym regulars. Some are even traumatized by their experiences growing up in school locker rooms, especially among the LGBTQIA+ community. Nobody should ever feel unwelcome in a fitness class

The key to a healthy lifestyle is diet and exercise. Working out regularly is essential for preventing disease and weight gain. Therefore, fitness is a right. 

Fitness is a right, no matter your size, shape, gender identity, sexuality, ethnicity, wage bracket – the list goes on. You are worth it, and fitness classes should instill that belief into you. 

Fitness Classes Are a Safe Space

Fitness is not only essential for our physical health, but it’s important for our mental health, too. Working out produces feel-good hormones, which is why you may leave exercise classes with a little burst of energy and an elevated mood. 

We all come to fitness classes to grow as individuals. They provide us with confidence by helping us maintain a healthy weight. 

Once again, we’re all working towards the same goals. Fitness classes are safe spaces because we’re all in this together, 100% judgment-free!

It Helps People to See Others That Look Like Them

Representation is what moves society forward. Imagine if RuPaul never put on a wig and dress in public and turned the world into his catwalk. What if Ellen Degeneres never declared she was gay on national television in the 1990s? 

Do you think that Carl Nassib would have become the first openly gay football player to play a game in 2021 if Michael Sam didn’t shockingly kiss his boyfriend on TV when he was drafted by the Rams in 2014? 

These scenarios were all steps forward in society caused by people being authentic. Every time someone is their true self in public, it inspires others to be their true selves. 

Self-conscious people come to fitness classes to gain the encouragement necessary to meet their fullest potential. Seeing others like themselves crushing it will give them the spark they need to be their authentic, best selves, too!  

It Helps People to See Others That Don’t Look Like Them

We only grow whenever we are outside of our comfort zones. Meeting new people and partaking in new experiences gives us different perspectives in life. 

Sometimes people don’t know how amazingly diverse the world is until they meet others who are not like them. Our individuality should be celebrated. When we move forward in life with confidence, it educates others and changes the world in ways we could never imagine. 

Fitness classes are a common ground. It brings people from all walks of life together to achieve one common goal — improve our overall wellness. This creates a solid foundation for what could be lifelong (and unexpected) relationships.  

The More, the Merrier

Nothing is more empowering than looking around a group class and seeing everyone else pushing themselves to their edge. It prompts you not only to keep up but up your game – all in a safe, comfortable environment. 

Let’s face it. Working out isn’t always the most fun activity in the world. However, being around others who may have similar mindsets helps create a sense of camaraderie. It starts to turn a not-so-fun activity into something you look forward to doing.   

When we start limiting who can come to class, it stifles the energy that empowers us to be the best versions of ourselves. By opening the class up to everyone, we have more people to uplift us and spread the positive energy we all deserve!