A regular exercise routine is essential for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. However, finding the right routine and sticking with it can be challenging. Attending small group exercise classes is the perfect way to stay on track and push yourself to be your best in a fun environment. Need help with staying in shape? Here are five reasons you should join small exercise classes at the J.  

1. Promotes Accountability and Friendships 

It’s easy to start an exercise routine. Sticking with it? That could be another story. 

Small exercise classes promote a sense of camaraderie between people who attend. Everyone is working together to achieve the same goal — a healthier version of themselves. This type of empowerment is the ultimate form of accountability.  

Research indicates that having an accountability partner can increase your chances of success by up to 95%. Imagine having a small class of people helping to keep you honest!

Having others partaking in the same exercises can also make working out more fun. It creates opportunities to make new friendships, which can improve your chances of maintaining a regular exercise routine.  

2. Provides Consistency 

It takes consistency to create a healthy habit. Experts suggest that you should work out on the same days and at the same time.

Some people may claim that they don’t have the time to work out. Thankfully, small exercise     classes happen throughout the day and night. This flexibility makes attending a class convenient for any person’s schedule. 

In addition, most classes are held at the same time each week. If you are able to make one class that you enjoy, you are likely to make the others. 

3.Perfect for Beginners

While exercise is crucial for a healthy body, performing exercises incorrectly can also cause damage to a body. Luckily, small group exercise classes are taught by personal trainers who can help you with injury prevention. . 

These fitness experts design classes so that they are suitable for all skill levels. Therefore, you will receive guidance so that you can perform each exercise safely while maximizing any benefits you will receive from your workout. 

Remember, many people attend the same classes regularly. Personal trainers are aware of who is new and will keep an extra eye out for you as you acclimate to this new routine.  

These classes are also great for active people who want to try a new type of exercise or need a little extra motivation to stay on track with their fitness goals. 

4 Gives You A Starting Point

All muscles within the body need exercise. If you are not trained in fitness, you may not have the knowledge to craft a full-body exercise routine. Leave it to the experts!

Small group exercise instructors design their classes to ensure the right muscles are warmed up properly before exercise. They then tailor the classes around the muscle groups or overall themes of the class. Even the cool-down portion is designed to complement the warm-up and workout. 

5. Saves You Money

We are all unique and have individualized needs to maintain our health and wellness. That means all of our fitness goals are unique. 

While small group exercises prompt all participants to perform the same exercises, each individual may be working on different health goals. Personal trainers are excellent resources to support these goals, especially in small group sessions. 

Joining a small group gives you the benefits of a one-on-one personal trainer without the cost of hiring one. Communicate your goals with the trainer so that they can provide you with personalized feedback throughout the class. As you attend regularly, they might even tailor specific classes to address your specific concerns. 

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