Having trouble getting motivated (or staying motivated) to crush your fitness goals? You’re not alone. Millions of people nationwide join small group exercise classes to help them stay motivated and healthy. Here are five reasons why attending exercise classes in small groups can keep you on the right track to feel your best!

1. Group Exercise Is Way More Fun Than Exercising Alone

While exercise is essential for a healthy body, it’s not always the most fun activity in the world. In fact, one poll of 2,000 Americans found that 50% of participants didn’t exercise because they found no joy in it. 

Long-distance running or lifting weights on the gym floor can be a bit lonesome for some people, especially early on in their exercise journey. As a result, sticking to a workout routine can become a bit of a chore. 

Joining an exercise class helps break up the monotony of solo workout sessions. Small group exercise classes bring a lively energy that helps you stay motivated throughout your workout. You’ll get a sweat-on and actually enjoy it! 

2. Being Around Other Challenges You

Nothing keeps you more honest than an accountability partner. In a small group exercise class, you can have a dozen of them! 

Exercising together creates a bond between class members. Watching others thrive pushes you to become a better version of yourself. When you are feeling exhausted, others will empower you to push through and achieve goals you never thought were attainable. 

Not only do your peers challenge you, but your instructor does too. Instructors provide real-time feedback so that you can maximize the benefits of your workout. It’s like having a personal trainer but at a fraction of the cost!

3. Gives You a Road Map to Success

Sometimes the most challenging part about starting a regular exercise regimen is knowing where to begin. After all, most people aren’t trained in nutrition and exercise sciences. 

The average person doesn’t know the proper techniques of general exercise routines, let alone how to incorporate strength training, flexibility, or whatever else the class’s objectives are. 

That’s okay. Just like the fact that not everybody is an architect, exercise and nutrition aren’t everybody’s specialties. 

Instructors for small group exercise classes undergo hours of training so they can learn how to create the right program for their students. They are educated about protecting your joints from damage, building muscle, burning fat, and more. 

Even if you eventually want to do your own thing in the gym, a few small group exercise classes will give you a good foundation for crafting your own workout regimen.

4. Helps You Remain Consistent 

Whether it’s kickboxing, cycling, dancing, or yoga, there is a class out there for everyone. Also, many of these classes are available at various times throughout the day. 

Once you find the right classes that fit your schedule, it becomes easier to remain consistent. 

In addition, having a regularly scheduled activity gives you a sense of accountability. You feel a genuine accomplishment when you follow through with your daily or weekly goals, like attending a group exercise class

5. It’s an Opportunity to Make Friends 

Staying healthy is a group effort. We all live in the same communities, buy the same groceries, and have many similar stressors. We are all in the same boat, which naturally makes it easier for us to encourage one another to stay healthy. 

Going to the gym is a healthy habit. It also presents you with the opportunity to meet like-minded people who are also considering their wellness needs. This creates a common bond and an easy icebreaker for creating new friendships. 

Gym bonds can become strong and even evolve into life-long friendships. Joining a small group exercise class is a great way to connect with others who want you to achieve your wellness goals.