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Through a number of diverse and inspirational programs, Nishmah brings together Jewish women from different denominations who otherwise may have never met. Together, these women learn from each other, connect and form bonds through faith and friendship. Nishmah creates the foundation for these Jewish connections that form outside the walls of a synagogue environment.

For more information on Nishmah programs for women, please contact Chelsea Leon, Nishmah Director, at 314.442.3111.

Upcoming Programs

Women’s Discussions Are Back!

Thursday, March 28
Jewish Identity & Anxiety with Rabbi Amy Feder and Carly Sparks, LMSW
7 pm at a private residence

Tuesday, April 9
Fertility, Pregnancy loss, and Postpartum Support with Dr. Shellie Fidell, LMSW
7 pm at a private residence

The First Of Many Nishmah Lag B’Omer Drum Circles:

Thursday, May 23
Private Residence

Adult Women. Join the women of Nishmah and our momentum alumni for a special Lag B’Omer celebration in a private residence. We will provide drums, provisions for a bonfire, and an experience no one will forget!

Registration coming soon!

The Nishmah Women’s Retreat Returns This Fall!

September 20-22, 2024
Camp Sabra
More details to come!

For more information on Nishmah, please contact Emilie Brockman, Manager, Jewish Community Engagement.

Ongoing Programs

Weekly Women's Torah Study

Studying the weekly Torah portion is a central Jewish practice.  Each portion contains lessons for living that lift mind and spirit. This women’s class will meet each Thursday morning from 9-10am central time on Zoom.  Rabbi Susan will offer traditional commentaries but also add the voices of women, both ancient and modern, who are often silenced.  No Hebrew or background required. Our first class will be on October 12 as we begin the Book of Genesis together.

Join the Torah Study on Zoom

Nishmah Facebook Group

Nishmah’s Facebook group is an online extension of Nishmah’s mission to foster connections among Jewish women in St. Louis. We encourage members to share articles, upcoming events, book recommendations, etc…as well as start conversations and ask questions. Our hope is that members will play an active role in inspiring group conversation, learning, and engagement.

Especially during this time of social distancing when we are not having in-person programming, being part of this group ensures that you’ll be up to date with Nishmah’s online offerings.

Nerot: Young Women of Nishmah

Women in their 20s & 30s

We are excited to build a cohort of young women among the Nishmah community. Nerot offers specialized enhancements to existing Nishmah programming and mentorship and learning opportunities geared specifically to women in their 20s and 30s. If you are interested in getting involved, let us know!

Immerse: St. Louis Mikvah Project

Immerse: St. Louis Mikvah Project

Nishmah’s trained, volunteer mikvah guides facilitate welcoming, transformative and compassionate immersions for Jewish women seeking mikvah experiences of all forms. At Nishmah, we understand that moments of celebration, growth, transition and grief need a Jewish expression. We look to honor profound changes and acknowledge new stages of life by helping you connect spiritually to the ancient Jewish tradition of the ritual bath.

What is Mikvah?

Ritual immersion is an ancient part of Jewish tradition, noted in the Torah and in later Rabbinic sources. Even today, immersion in a mikvah is an act required by Jewish law for converts to Judaism, brides, and women observing “niddah”, the practice of immersing monthly following menstruation.

Mikvah has also been used for other non-requisite, spiritual purposes throughout Jewish history. For example, by men prior to Shabbat and the holidays or by women in the ninth month of pregnancy.  Ritual immersion in a mikvah – a gathering of living water (mayyim hayyim) – marks a change in status. Immersions can mark life transitions such as weddings, births, healing from illness or trauma, significant birthdays, divorce, pregnancy loss, fertility struggles, and mourning.

What do we do?

Nishmah’s mikvah guides, in collaboration with the Sylvia Green Memorial Mikvah, welcome women in our community seeking meaningful immersions. An assigned guide will work with you to facilitate a supportive, safe immersion experience from start to finish. In addition, we provide suggested readings, blessings and a framework for one’s personal experience. Our goal is to connect you to this ancient Jewish tradition in a manner that feels relevant and significant to your life in the present.

Inquire About Experiencing the Mikvah