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Jewish Community Center

Jewish Adult Programs

The J is dedicated to creating meaningful Jewish experiences for all ages. We have several ongoing programs as well as single programs to welcome the adult Jewish community to the J. From new moms to empty nesters, to cancer patients, you are welcome at the J!

Upcoming Adult Programs

Israeli Culinary Institute: UNPLUGGED: Salatim Edition

Thursday, July 11, 2024

Spice up your culinary skills at our Israeli Cooking Class with Snir, the Israeli Shaliach! Learn to make an Israeli favorite, Shakshuka. Enjoy a culinary journey at the J that’ll leave you hungry for more. Don’t miss out!

Nishmah Women's Retreat

The Nishmah Women’s Retreat Returns This Fall!

September 20-22, 2024
Camp Sabra
A very special Shabbat retreat. Set at breathtaking Camp Sabra at the Lake of the Ozarks for the very first time, we will gather for learning, entertainment, great kosher food, Pre-Rosh Hashanah prep, Shabbat services with special one-of-a-kind sessions and more! Registration is required.

For more information on Nishmah, please contact Emilie Brockman, Manager, Jewish Community Engagement.

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Ilene Joseph Salon Series


Adult Women. Nishmah’s Salons are intimate, thought-provoking, facilitated discussions on topics of interest to all who identify as Jewish women. This program is named for Ilene Joseph z”l, one of Nishmah’s founders and a passionate supporter of the Salon Series. Discussions are free to attend, donations to Nishmah welcome.


Ongoing Adult Programs

Nishmah, a program of the St. Louis Jewish Community Center, inspires, engages, and supports Jewish women. Nishmah brings together Jewish women from different denominations who may have otherwise never met. Together, these women learn from each other, connect and form bonds through faith and friendship.

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J Next is a new initiative of the J that focuses on adults who are recent empty nesters around the ages of 40 to 55 with children recently out of the house. The program is designed for members and non-members of the J who have kids around 18-25 years old. We are looking to be here in this next stage of life.

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The Hamsa Wellness Community educates individuals regarding hereditary cancer risks, especially women and men of Ashkenazi Jewish, who have an increased risk of carrying a hereditary cancer gene mutation, and supports those facing a cancer diagnosis – especially those with breast and ovarian cancer – anywhere along their journey.

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