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Jewish Community Center

Early Childhood Center

The J’s Early Childhood Center, in partnership with the J’s Family Center, is committed to providing quality care and education that embraces the development of children’s minds, bodies and souls. We stimulate the minds of young children through innovative and individualized curriculum, implemented by a well-trained staff in a safe, nurturing and developmentally appropriate environment. Children develop their bodies and are encouraged to adopt healthy lifestyle habits through a physical education program that utilizes the best of the J’s resources in fitness, recreation and aquatics.

The soul is nurtured through living Jewish values and Jewish experiences in an environment that appreciates and respects the diversity of all children and their families. A family need not be Jewish to participate in this program – we welcome families of every faith.

For more detailed information, visit the full Early Childhood Center page.


Prices vary based on schedule. Please contact the Early Childhood Center for more information.


Creve Coeur/Staenberg Family Complex

Melissa Burgess

Chesterfield/Marilyn Fox Building

Kathy Coldiron