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Jewish Community Center

6-Week Transformation Challenge – Spring 2024

Monday, February 26 – Friday, April 5

All attendees must check in for their final InBody scan before Friday, April 5 to be in the running for our prizes. For a more detailed schedule of events, check out the timeline below:

6-Week Transformation Challenge Schedule

February 19-25 at SFC Initial InBody scans available daily.
Thursday, February 22 at 7pm at SFC Challenge Orientation
Monday, February 26 at 7pm at SFC Challenge officially begins - Nutrition Workshop
Monday, March 4 at 7pm at SFC Workshop - How to set fitness goals
Monday, March 11 at 7pm at SFC Workshop - Proper warm-up and cool down techniques
Monday, March 18 at 7pm at SFC Workshop - Mobility & Stretching
Monday, March 25 at 7pm at SFC Workshop - Cardio vs. Weights
Monday, April 1 at 7pm at SFC Workshop - Open fitness and nutrition forum
March 31-April 4 at SFC Final InBody scans available daily
April 5 Winners Announced

I still have a few questions…

We can answer them. Check out the FAQs below, or contact Andy Berman at for more specific questions.

What will the InBody scan tell me?

Your scan is a non-invasive bioimpedance measurement of your lean muscle mass and your body fat %. The scan takes about 2 minutes and at the end, you will receive a printout of your results that will also be available on an app. The scan will also show your BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) – how many calories you burn at rest. This will determine your meal template. Here is how to prepare for the scan:

How will I know what to eat

Your meal template, based on yourInBody scan, will have options for what to eat and how much. Your meals will consist of how many of the macronutrients to eat at each meal: Protein, Carbs & Fat. Drinks and condiments are also included. This is a restrictive diet, meaning you will not see a lot of foods on the list that you might normally eat. The template is designed for maximum success in losing body fat but is just a guide. This challenge will be about eating enough protein and controlling the amount of carbs and fat.

Do I need to work out every day?

No, the workouts are a supplement to your nutrition. We recommend at least three workouts per week to burn calories, build strength, and help with your mobility.

Does it matter what type of workout I do?

Not really, anything is better than nothing. Go for a walk, do a yoga class, lift some weights, play pickleball. We will have attendance charts available to help create accountability and to track your progress over the challenge. One of our workshops will cover differences in types of workouts.

What if I can’t attend the workshops?

No problem. We will send out the topics and discussion points to all challenge members after each session. The workshops will only be available at SFC.

How will winners be determined?

We will have 3 overall winners based on body fat % lost, lean muscle gained, and a small part on attendance. The goal of the challenge is not to just lose weight. We want to work on habits that help us gain muscle (burn more calories) and lose body fat through our nutrition and daily activities. Eat the right amounts and burn the right amounts and you will see amazing results. Create the habits to do these things that become part of your lifestyle!