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The Pilates Studio at the J is one of our most popular fitness programs. Based on the Joseph Pilates method, Pilates is the progressive series of exercises designed to increase the strength of your body’s core – this includes your abdominals, back, glutes and hips. The J houses two fully-equipped studies that offer several types training. From small group to private training or Reformer to Mat, there is something for everyone to choose from!

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What is Pilates?

Pilates is a method of conditioning developed more than 90 years ago. This unique method of exercise uses resistance and your body’s weight to increase strength, lengthen muscles, increase flexibility and strengthen your core using various equipment. Instructors guide you by emphasizing rhythmic, fluid movements that are challenging, yet rewarding all at the same time.

Benefits of Pilates Sessions

Pilates improves flexibility, strength, balance, coordination, proper body alignment, muscular and postural strength by moving your body through specific ranges of motion. The several types of equipment can help any type of client who is looking to better themselves in a specific area. Training can also help with pregnancy by increasing lower and upper body strength, post-pregnancy to properly close the abdominal gap, and with Arthritis, osteoporosis and scoliosis to help correct spinal deformities.

Pilates at the J

Each J offers a fully-equipped studio and an extremely knowledgeable team of PMA-recognized instructors who will successfully guide you through your sessions. Each studio offers private, group sessions at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. Sessions include small group, private training, semi-private training, introductory sessions, and Mat.

  • Small-group sessions allow participants to work with an instructor to build upon their previous class experiences. J members 12 years and older are eligible to participate. Non-members can participate in a small group class with an additional $10 fee. Prior to participating in a small group, you must have participated in three previous Private or Introduction sessions. This ensures your safety and provides an essential and strong foundation of Pilates before starting your journey.
  • Private sessions set you up one-on-one with a nationally-certified instructor. Each 55-minute session and instructor are chosen by you and includes a program designed to cater to your specific needs and goals.
  • Semi-Private Training offers the same benefits of private training with the opportunity to share it with a friend. Increase motivation and share this quality experience together.
  • Introductory sessions teach you the basics in a four-part session. Those who complete this course are eligible for future private training and advance group.
  • Mat classes offers a series of exercises all performed on a mat. This class is a free group exercise class. Times can be found on our group exercise schedule.

Members are entitled to a free Pilates assessment before choosing which programs and prices work for them. To inquire about your free assessment, click here. The number of classes varies by month, and participants must register for specific class session. For more information on all Pilates programs, click here or contact Stacey Jacob at 314-442-3453.

Pilates Manager Stacey Jacob was introduced to Pilates while she studied dance in college. She used it as a method of cross-training and injury prevention. She became addicted to the benefits of it quickly, and, after 25 years, she is still teaching it. She became a Master Trainer in 2014 and began teaching certification courses to other instructors. She loves to share her knowledge and help her clients reach their goals while having fun.

Certifications and Education

PMA Certification (2014)
BASI Pilates Comprehensive Certification (2000)
B.F.A from Stephens College (1997)