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Jewish Community Center

Members: Your Health is Our Priority

Everyone is Welcome at the J. But COVID isn’t.

We work hard at the J to ensure our community feels safe for everyone who enters our doors. Part of that work now includes taking the steps to protect our members in the time of COVID-19. The health of our members and staff is our number one priority, so we have put in place thorough safety guidelines to make your visits to the J as safe as possible. We are committed to creating the best experience for our members, so our reopening procedures are in compliance with the guidelines issued by the St. Louis County Executive.

But you don’t have to take our word for it. Here is what our members are saying about their visits to the J since we reopened with our COVID-19 safety procedures.

“I like the convenience (even with the Covid precautions it’s still convenient). I like the family atmosphere and the way that things are approached as we are doing these things to take care of one another. I like the personal training staff and the lifeguards at the pool. The front desk people are so friendly and helpful, and whenever I deal with anyone at the J they are lovely. Thanks for the extra effort you put in to make it so!”

“I feel safe and secure working out in your facility. Thank you for providing me with an opportunity to continue my physical and mental well being during these difficult times.”

“The fitness center. It has been quite reasonable in its operation since covid. My favorite place to go during these difficult times.”

“I am so grateful to all of the employees of both facilities who have worked so hard over the last several months to allow me to be able to workout. My love of swimming was impossible to forget while everything was closed….thanks to all of your efforts, I have been able to safely participate in an activity which brings me daily peace and joy. Everyone has been so kind, cautious and enthusiastic and I feel so fortunate. Thank you to each and every employee who checks my temperature at the door, welcomes me at the front desk, keeps the facilities safe and clean, guards me while I swim and to all those behind the scenes who made such an incredible plan happen.”

“My wife and I selected the J because we felt that the fitness area would be the best place to exercise safely with the virus still active. The fitness area equipment is spaced with social distancing in mind and the constant sanitation of equipment has been what we thought the J would do to keep participants safe during their workout sessions.”

“Everything is clean, and I feel the utmost care has gone into keeping the J COVID-free.”

“I love that I can go to a gym that’s friendly, clean, uncrowded (especially now) and is just people. It took a lot of guts to go to the gym again…I’m so glad I picked this one.”

“Very professional and up-to-date on procedures with COVID going on. Love the online classes and the socially-distanced classes in person. And scheduling online is a breeze.”

“Friendly and professional – really handling COVID situation extremely well. We feel safe at the pool and the front desk staff have been incredible!”

“We spent an afternoon at the outdoor pool with our grandson this week and were impressed by the thoughtful and careful preparation for reopening, the reasonable restrictions and friendly atmosphere among the staff and guests. All the members appeared to be excited to be able to gather safely and being able to enjoy the facilities has made all the difference in our summer.”

“I took my two grandsons swimming yesterday in the outside pool. This was the first time I had been to the J since COVID hit. I felt that everything was done properly to protect us from the virus. We thoroughly enjoyed our swim. I expect to take them again and believe it will be safe to do so.”

“I don’t know if a new person can pick up on this, but I trust the J. Most corporations and businesses are little concerned about human beings except for profit.”

“The staff is friendly and I have been impressed with the safety measures in place for prevention of COVID-19 spread. I had my doubts about returning to the gym, but so far I have felt safe while at the J. More so than anywhere else I’ve been, such as certain stores.”

“The J in Chesterfield has the friendliest staff. I appreciate all the social distancing measures, as well as extra cleaning that they have done for everyone’s safety.”

“I applaud you and your entire team there for making me feel safe and making people conform to the science behind this virus…. you are all an excellent example of how a business can thrive in these challenging times!”

Try Us and See for Yourself

Interested in trying out the J and seeing for yourself the safety protocols we have in place? Simply complete and submit the form below and we’ll contact you to activate your complimentary day pass.