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Jewish Community Center

Guest Pass Policy

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The J’s Guest Pass Policy

We love when our members want to bring their family and friends to the J, so we are happy to provide each membership with three free guest passes per year. This member benefit is worth $120.

Save time at the J. Have your guest complete our waiver online before you visit. Guests 17 years old and under require a parent or legal guardian to sign the liability waiver.

Guest Waiver

  • Each Member Unit (Family, Couple, and Individual) will receive three (3), free one-day passes in a calendar year.
  • Passes will be loaded electronically onto membership account – no need to keep track of paper passes!
  • Guest passes that are not redeemed will expire after one year.
  • Each day pass is good for an individual, couple or family for one day.
  • Guests must all reside at the same address to qualify as a couple or family to enter on one pass.
  • All guests must present a current picture ID.
  • The Member must accompany the Guest during the visit and approve the use of the pass from the account.
  • All Guests must fill out a Guest Information Sheet and sign a liability waiver.
  • Guests 17 years old and under require a parent or legal guardian to sign the liability waiver.
  • Members must be in good standing in order for free Guest Passes to be utilized.
  • Member cannot bring a Guest during any period they are on “freeze” status. Expired, past due or canceled memberships must return account to active status and paid current to use passes.
  • Guest passes are forfeited when a membership is terminated or expires.
  • Members who have cleared past balances and who rejoin within 30 days will receive the remaining passes on the account. Additional free passes will become available after one year unless purchased.

Want additional passes?

  • Purchase a package of three (3), one-day passes per month for just $19/month. This must be set up as a recurring charge that will be debited each month along with your dues, and can be arranged in our Membership Sales or Member Services office.
  • Purchase a one-month pass for $125 (individual) or $250 (family).
  • Purchase a one-day pass for $16 (individual) or $40 (family) per day.

If you have questions about the J’s Guest Pass Policy, please contact the Membership office at 314-442-3173.