Train for a Tough Mudder!

Join Team J for a Tough Mudder in Wright City on Sunday, August 12! Team J welcomes mud run veterans and newcomers from everywhere and anywhere. Our fitness staff will help you prepare to deliver your best performance and complete alongside you on race day.

Tough Mudder is a mud run with a mix of fun and complex obstacles, all while putting your endurance and physical strength to the test. Tough Mudder is a fun-filled day that will drag you out of your comfort zone and right into the mud!

J Personal Trainer Andy Hayes is a seasoned participant who has completed 13 Tough Mudders and more than 20 mud runs. He loves Tough Mudder because it challenges him physically and mentally.

“Tough Mudder, and other mud run events alike, are in my opinion amazing fitness opportunities,” Andy explains. “You must get yourself from obstacle to obstacle by running or walking, which are both great options for cardiovascular health. Strength is also required to get yourself under, over, or through any of the obstacles at hand.”

Mud runs combine these two important aspects of fitness, cardio and strength, and roll them into one challenging and rewarding event.

Participants can choose between the three, five or ten mile tracks depending on the distance and number of obstacles they would like to face. Obstacles range in difficulty and test participants as they take them out of their comfort zone by pushing them further than they have ever gone.

How Do You Train for a Tough Mudder?

Training for the Tough Mudder is very similar to the event itself. Training centers on cardio stamina and body strength through exercises that repeated throughout training sessions. Workouts include three to six minutes of cardiovascular exercise such as treadmills, stair steppers or ellipticals to help with cardiovascular modality, and then switches to strength training circuits such as crawling, lunges, body weight rows and more. This type of training prepares you to transition back and forth between these two types of challenges several times over the course of the Tough Mudder event.

“You should specifically adapt your body, through cardio exercises, to be proficient at moving over distances and, through strength training, be able to get yourself through and over obstacles successfully,” said Andy.

Tough Mudder-specific training will take you from endurance training to strength training back and forth over the course of the training plan. The goal is to be as ready for the event as possible and focus on the enjoyment of the challenge. The most important part is to get to the finish line with a smile on your face!

Training sessions are available several days a week at both locations. These sessions are available on week mornings, weekdays and weeknights to accommodate different and busy schedules. Whether or not you are signed up for this August’s Tough Mudder, our training is a great way to mix up your workouts and improve your stamina and strength. These sessions will provide you with an entertaining and challenging whole-body workout.

Training Availability

Marily Fox Building/Chesterfield

Sundays at 9:30am with Carley
Tuesdays at 6am with Jansen
Tuesdays at 5:30pm with Carley
Thursdays at 9am with Andy
Saturday at 9am with Andy

Staenberg Family Complex/Creve Coeur:

Mondays at 8:30am with Sabra
Tuesdays at 11am with Chelsey
Tuesdays at 6pm with Jason
Thursdays at 11am with Chelsey
Thursdays at 6pm with Ryan
Fridays at 7am with Aaron


Prices for training sessions:

Eight Week, Twice/Week Plan: $224
Eight Week, Once/Week Plan: $160
Four Week, Twice/Week Plan: $144
Four Week, Once/Week Plan: $100