Summer 2020 Program Guide

Dear J Family,

I hope you are experiencing continued good health as we enter our summer season. What a year this has been. I want to thank all of you for your support during this difficult and challenging time. And to those of you who chose to donate your dues during our closure, please know that we are grateful beyond words – and we hope to thank you in a more formal way soon.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank two special groups of people – our staff and our board members who worked many hours to help us prepare to reopen safely.

Our staff is to be commended for quickly responding to our closure by re-imagining programs and delivering them in new ways under tremendous stress and in a very short time frame. In fitness, in Early Childhood, in J Day Camps and Camp Sabra, in Adult Day at the J, in Sports, Rec and Aquatics, in our Cultural Arts, in our Jewish education programs and our 613 Catering… our staff worked very hard, separated from each other, to continue to serve our membership and our community.

A generous group of board members, among them physicians, attorneys and critical thinkers, volunteered many hours to review our new protocols and procedures that would allow us to welcome members back to our buildings while complying with St. Louis County guidelines, which are different for nearly each space and program we offer.

As we begin our reopening, we acknowledge that everyone will have a different comfort level with reentering our physical space. To that end, we are committed to providing our programs both in-person and virtually.

As always, if you have questions or suggestions, please reach out to me or another member of our management team. We are still committed to excellence in programs and customer service and will continue to serve you in this way for as long as our current public health concerns dictate.

Thank you again for your membership, your donations, and your continued support of the J. I wish you a relaxing and healthy summer.

Lynn Wittels
President & CEO