St. Louis, MO- The Jewish Community Center of St. Louis offers Unique Strength and Fit-for-Life programs designed especially for developmentally disabled adults, children and teenagers. As one of 40 agencies contracted to help more than 4,300 developmentally disabled individuals residing in the community, the St. Louis JCC offers personalized training regimes and discounted fees to eligible participants.

For only $10 per session, compared to the standard $55, nationally certified personal trainers help each individual to find the best fitness program for him or her. In addition to cardio and weight training, trainers counsel participants on diet, healthy choices and overall fitness.

This program is called “Unique Strength” because it takes into consideration each person’s circumstances and caters to individuals whose developmental disabilities affect them physically. Jill Grossman, a certified personal trainer with more than 14 years experience working with special needs individuals, leads the program. Grossman helps to style individualized workouts for participants with heart conditions including a weak heart plus those with respiratory system or immune system health considerations.

These personal training sessions are subsidized by the Productive Living Board of St. Louis. Established in 1979, the Productive Living Board oversees the property tax levy–$16 Million annually-to support this program at the St. Louis JCC and at other facilities across St. Louis County.

The Unique Strength and Fit for Life programs are in keeping with the JCC’s commitment to providing fitness for everybody. “We strive to address all wellness issues,” said David Weiner, Inclusion Coordinator at the JCC. Call 314-442-3295 for additional information and visit the St. Louis JCC on the web at