The J isn’t considered the best fitness club in St. Louis for our high thread-count towels alone. We offer comprehensive services and we have now partnered with St. Luke’s hospital to add nutrition counseling to our menu. Workout plans and diet books frequently caution participants to consult a professional before beginning the diet or exercise program. Yet how many people really do that? We are making it easier than ever to get a personally prescribed plan that will work for you and you alone. Registered dieticians provide practical strategies to help your nutritional goals. The JCC St. Louis also offers personalized weight management plans, metabolic rate assessments, sports nutrition and medical nutrition management.


According to a CBS news report on weight loss, “there are no magic bullets. The true approach to good health includes an overall healthy eating pattern, enjoyed and followed over time.” Now that may not be exactly what you want to hear if you’re going on vacation in a month or trying to squeeze into a dress in 10 days. But before you turn to the fad diets, there are a few things you need to know.


WebMD demystifies the worst diets:


  1. Diets that rule out entire food groups or are limited to only a few foods. Take a look at the food pyramid, of course moderation is necessary but nutrients from each food group promote a healthy diet. Plus, when you are too restricted it creates cravings for exactly what you are not allowed, which will cause you to fall off the diet wagon sooner.
  2. Detox diets. Your body is perfectly capable of handling waste, thank you very much. That’s what internal organs like the liver and kidneys are for. No amount of lemon juice, syrup or ginger are going to help you loose weight so save your taste buds.
  3. Yes, reducing calorie intake is good, but starving yourself is bad. When you have too few calories your body goes into starvation mode and adjusts your metabolism to be slower and then when you cannot maintain your starvation diet and you go back to eating regularly, your metabolism is still slowed down which will cause you to gain weight.


Realign your New Year’s resolutions by addressing your weaknesses, strengthening your will power and finding a solution that suits you. It’s all at the J.