Early childhood education programs are terrific resources for the community. They provide safe spaces for mental, physical, and social growth and development. As parents, you want to make sure your child is entrusted with the care of knowledgeable and inclusive mentors and tutors. At the J, our accredited Early Childhood Education Programs merge learning and fun into a memorable experience for toddlers and parents alike! Here are some of the many ways the J can enrich the lives of your little ones!

Helps Them Learn New Skills

Children are always taking in new information as they try to figure out this crazy thing we call life. Sometimes, they need a moment to hit pause and just explore. Early Childhood Education Programs in St. Louis are the perfect canvas for your child to discover new talents and interests within themselves. 

The J offers Enrichment Classes that provide nurturing environments for your child to try new things, or start to hone skills they’ve already begun acquiring. Our wide variety of class offerings makes it easier for you to find the right balance of activities for developing athletic skills and book smarts.  

For instance, many kids are jazzed to groove along during Tippi Toes Dance Company® Ballet, Tap & Jazz Combo Classes or get craftsy with sensory trays and finger flashlights during PreK Academy’s Letter Engineers. There’s something to learn (and do) for every child at the J!

Gets Them on the Fast Track to Reading 

Mounting research indicates that learning to read increases intelligence. For some of us, it takes a little time. Getting an early start is a great way to nurture good reading habits and, hopefully, increase the chances of creating a future bookworm! 

The J’s Reading Rock Stars makes literacy fun. We use rhymes and segment syllables to create a sensory experience that helps your child form sentences. Kids can’t wait to go home and show their parents what they learned before bedtime! 

Gives Them A Break from Parents 

Parents and children spend a lot of time together. If you ever feel like your child is driving you a little cuckoo, we bet they feel the same way too. As a responsible parent, you can’t just drop them off anywhere. You can feel comfortable leaving them with us at the J’s KidZone Babysitting in St. Louis.  

Households with Family Memberships are qualified for free babysitting. Drop your child off for fun activities with community members you can trust. While we play games and learn new concepts, parents can get in a workout, go shopping, get a massage, or just take a few moments to watch their favorite show.

In the meantime, your child gets to hang out with friends in a safe space like the J. It’s a win-win for the whole house! 

There’s Something to Do All Times of the Year

In addition to our regular programs, the J also likes to organize seasonal events in St. Louis that get the community feeling festive. Throughout the year, there may be everything from pool parties to campfires with s’mores to ice cream-making classes! 

The J also partners with various pillars in our community to put on events, including:

  • PJ Library
  • The Federation’s Concierge for Young Families
  • Saul Mirowitz Jewish Community School
  • Epstein Hebrew Academy
  • Chabad
  • Various Jewish Pre-schools in St. Louis
  • And More!

These events tend to fall on Sundays to make it easier for working parents to attend. They are typically free of charge and are centered around the Jewish holidays. 

Keeps Them Active and Healthy

Childhood obesity has quadrupled over the last 30 years. Exercise is a key component for maintaining a healthy weight. 

Early childhood is the ideal time to instill healthy habits. At the J, we make being physically active fun and the appropriate amount of challenging for skill sets and age. 

For instance, our J Splash Academy has Fishy Levels catered to age groups until they reach certain proficiencies. After graduating from Splash Babies at 6 months to Starfish at 3 years, there are five more developmental programs that will keep your child engaged and excited to learn more. 

Get your little one ready for the Little Leagues by enrolling them in the Start Smart Baseball Program. This parent-child developmental program gets three-year-olds ready for organized sports in a structured environment. 

These are just some of the many ways that the J can enrich your child’s life. If you are looking for a safe space for your child to explore new concepts, we have the program for you!