How does society put you at risk?

Creating a healthy habit of awareness can be the difference between calm and confrontation. Awareness, viewed as a form of self-defense, requires no weapon or device, but rather your attention and desire to learn to be aware. Author Jo Fountain has explored the idea and practice of awareness and offers ideas you can incorporate that can reduce your risk. Learn how you can create The Habit of Awareness.

Question: What factors put you at risk?
Answer: Y.E.S.

I am a fan of acronyms. I find it makes it much easier to remember multiple topics easily. The last three blog entries were titled You, Environment, Society. The acronym is YES. This can be used as a template of questions or topics to apply to your unique situations, so when you are about to leave and think, “Am I ready to go?,” the template is YES. Consider You, Environment, and Society then answer. Indeed, I am urging you to go back and read my last three posts. The more times you read or think about something the more it becomes a part of you, and this becomes a habit of awareness.

Other risk factors: 

About Jo & The Habit of Awareness

Jo Fountain has practiced martial arts for most of her life, getting serious about Karate in her early 20s. While pregnant, the realization of change caught her attention. She was suddenly looking out for two people. Jo began to think about what some people do in this situation and about the unique traits that martial arts training instills. Among other things, an extended practice of the martial arts teaches you to be aware. This training is often used to help you avoid fights, which is the same as winning them – but in a different way.

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