How does your environment put you at risk?

Creating a healthy habit of awareness can be the difference between calm and confrontation. Awareness, viewed as a form of self-defense, requires no weapon or device, but rather your attention and desire to learn to be aware. Author Jo Fountain has explored the idea and practice of awareness, and offers ideas you can incorporate that can reduce your risk. Learn how you can create The Habit of Awareness.

Question: What factors put you at risk?

When you think about how safe you will be where you are going, also consider how safe you will be getting there – the route you are taking,  the condition of your vehicle and what type of roads. If you are taking public transportation or riding with someone else, or if your vehicle breaks down, consider what you would do if you were stranded.

Keep in mind that time of day is a significant part of the environment that is not often considered. For example: if you go to work in the winter when it gets dark early, will you come home to a dark entrance to a dark house? Motion sensitive and programmable lights will remedy this problem without having to think about it every time you leave. The park at 1pm is very different than at 1am, as is the gas station, restaurant and grocery store. Take into account the change in time while you are out when thinking of your safety.

Other risk factors: 

About Jo & The Habit of Awareness

Jo Fountain has practiced martial arts for most of her life, getting serious about Karate in her early 20s. While pregnant, the realization of change caught her attention. She was suddenly looking out for two people. Jo began to think about what some people do in this situation and about the unique traits that martial arts training instills. Among other things, an extended practice of the martial arts teaches you to be aware. This training is often used to help you avoid fights, which is the same as winning them – but in a different way.

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