The Habit of Awareness

Creating a healthy habit of awareness can be the difference between calm and confrontation. Awareness, viewed as a form of self-defense, requires no weapon or device, but rather your attention and desire to learn to be aware. Author Jo Fountain has explored the idea and practice of awareness, and will offer ideas that can reduce your risk. Learn how you can create The Habit of Awareness.

Question: What factors put you at risk?
Answer:  YOU

Things like an injury, age or size are very simply what they are – things that make up YOU. You can modify your appearance, but the basics won’t change. However, there is a long list of things you can control or change, like: what makes you an easy target (Can you move in that? Can you run in those shoes?), whether or not you’re paying attention (cell phone, shopping, etc.); if you appear profitable (jewelry, phone, computer)? Even the vehicle you drive can put you at risk if it attracts a great deal of attention from the wrong audience. Attraction is a double-edged sword, while you don’t get to choose what you attract, you need to control how.

When thinking about self-defense, without ever purchasing a weapon or taking a class, know that you have many tools already at your disposal – you just need to recognize and use them. So often, people say “Oh, I knew that.” But do they DO that? Like any discipline, awareness takes practice.

Other risk factors:

About Jo & The Habit of Awareness

Jo Fountain has practiced martial arts for most of her life, getting serious about Karate in her early 20s. While pregnant, the realization of change caught her attention. She was suddenly looking out for two people. Jo began to think about what some people do in this situation and about the unique traits that martial arts training instills. Among other things, an extended practice of the martial arts teaches you to be aware. This training is often used to help you avoid a fight, which is actually the same as winning one – just in a different way.

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