From Lynn Wittels, President & CEO

January is always a busy month at the J, and this one has proven to be no exception.

As for the great ice storm of 2017 … we’re glad we’re not in charge of forecasting the weather! And we thank the overwhelming majority of you who understand that we will always prioritize safety, even if we then must apologize for your inconvenience.

Although we found no humor in the events of yesterday, which included the evacuation and safe return of hundreds of members, including very young children and elderly adults, we are very grateful … for our responsive, well-trained staff, caring law enforcement partners, and other partners who supported our emergency procedures. You may or may not be aware that more than 25 other Js went through the same frightening experience yesterday. Although we find it a very sad commentary on the world around us, we remain committed to doing good work and to building a strong community – one that comes together to celebrate the good times and overcome the tough ones. Thank you for being part of the J family.

PS – If you are told by a fellow member or J participant that s/he did not receive communications from us last weekend during the bad weather, or yesterday – ask them to contact us to ensure we have their most current information.