Summer Camps Enrichment

With the summer looming, your kids will have some much-deserved downtime. For many kids, this means more time spent on their smart devices. While a little screen time is okay for a child, being glued to it for hours on end may not be the best way to spend those long summer days. Enrolling your child in day camp can help provide your child with the mental stimulation of a smart device, along with physical activity and social interaction that it can’t. Here are five ways day camp can enrich your child’s life this summer!

1. Gets Them Moving

Childhood obesity is a growing epidemic across the United States, affecting over 14.7 million people between the ages of 2-19. 

One of the easiest ways to prevent weight gain is by staying active. Unfortunately, the majority of us spend our time seated. Adults are guilty of it, too!

Help your child set a solid foundation for maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle by enrolling them in day camp. They can participate in games that will keep them up, active, and engaged. 

2. Broadens Their Interests and Friends Circle

Children build close bonds with their school friends. While it’s good to have a solid core group of best buds, being solely around the same people can also stunt your child’s development of interests. 

Meeting new people broadens a child’s understanding of the world. It’s an opportunity to discover new music, sports, cultures, and other potential hobbies or passions. 

It’s hard to make new friends when you’re stuck inside the school bubble, where you have classes with the same people each day. Summer camp gives children a platform to share unique experiences with new faces that could potentially blossom into lifelong, happy friendships and memories. 

3. Introduces New Concepts

We never know what we’re good at (or like) until we try it. 

As adults, we can get into our cars and spend our money to try something new. Kids don’t have that luxury. Not to mention, trying new things that might not stick can become a financial burden for adults. 

Summer camp helps parents out by introducing their children to new activities and concepts. Day camp allows kids to explore their identities beyond school and the household. 

Kids can discover that they enjoy a game they’ve never played before or are talented at a sport they’ve never considered trying. Summer camp comfortably takes your child out of their comfort zone so that they can better realize their fullest potential.

4. Cures Boredom Without a Screen

The average teen spends around 7.5 hours looking at a screen. Too much screen time can start to have a negative impact on their self-esteem and ability to have social interactions. 

However, you can’t blame kids for being drawn to their screens. They’re readily available and help cure even a few minutes of boredom. 

Enrolling your child in day camp can provide mental stimulation that keeps your child feeling engaged. However, it will also help them build confidence and acquire social skills. 

5. Helps Them Stay Disciplined

Kids need structure. However, they also deserve a break after spending the majority of their year in school. Going to day camp helps bridge the gap between taking a break for the summer and staying on a scheduled routine.

If left to their own devices, kids would stay up all night and sleep in all day. Going to summer camp helps break that cycle without the pressures of having to perform academically. 

When a child stays on a routine during the summer, it will help them transition into the academic year more seamlessly. Enroll your child in day camp so they can have a fun summer and a head start heading into the next school year!