The J Peer awards are given annually to J staff who exemplify the J values and live them fully when interacting with their fellow staff and J members.  

Enriches Lives: This award is to honor any staff member who has joined the J in the last year.  This person enriches the work environment and gives their all for the J and supporting their colleagues. 

Kimberly Jones

“Kim always has a smile on her face and never has a mean word to say.  She works hard and is an amazing supervisor.  Each family that enters the Kid’s Zone is felt welcomed and cherished by Kim and her staff.”

“Kim has brought an amazing spirit and joy to the KidZone at the J.  She goes out of her way to greet every member she comes across both inside and outside of the KidZone.  She knows every child and parent by name and has created a real KidZone family in the short time she has worked here.  Her energy is contagious!  Building a strong J community is her top goal and she loves coming to work and being with our members. We are very lucky to have Kim here at the J!”

“Kimberly is an extremely positive person who LOVES her job and everyone she meets! She is always looking for ways to make her kids’ time here enjoyable!”


Builds a Community:  This award is to honor any staff member who strives to reach beyond their own team to engage with others.  They facilitate the collaborative process whenever possible. 

Isaac Gregg

“Isaac is amazing.  He is always thinking of ways to make things better–be that ways to build community among colleagues at work or ways to improve processes so things run more smoothly. “



Promotes Inclusivity:  This award is to honor any staff member who is welcoming and breaks down barriers daily.  They show acceptance and compassion to all. 

Ashley Stockman

“Ashley is the hardest working JCC employee.  She promotes inclusivity through leading a team who meets the needs of older and younger adults in the IN and connections programs.  She always finds a way to get the job done with grit, compassion, energy and an inspector gadget mindset.  Nothing is too big or too small to meet the needs of all regardless of ability.  Cheers to Ashley.  A great boss and champion for others.”
“Ashley is always working hard to make sure everyone in the community is feeling welcome!”

Creates Meaningful Jewish Experiences:  This award is to honor any staff member who stands out and embodies any of the J’s Staff Core Values.  One does not have to be Jewish to create meaningful Jewish experiences. 

Cynthia Wyatt


“Cynthia is being nominated due to her commitment to ensuring Jewish culture as she weekly leads Shabbat prayers every week on Fridays.  She is conscious about incorporating the meaning of the holidays and Jewish traditions.  She also contributes daily to the sensory garden enjoyed by all in the Adult Day program, growing vegetables, teaching about plants and infusing in everyone an appreciation of garden.”



The James Davis Award: This award is to honor any staff member who embodies the Staff Core Value of Laugh and Enjoy.  This person is someone who brings joy and light to the workplace.  They always brighten your day while getting the job done.  They are responsible for acts of selflessness and puts the needs of others before their own tasks. 

Ron Davis

“Ron is as hard working as they come, but he is always doing it with a smile.  He will help anyone at any time.  His smile lights up the room and makes everyone feel comforted, staff and members alike.  He spreads joy like wildfire!”

“Ron can always be counted on to engage fellow co-workers with his wit, humor, helpful nature, and caring ways. Ron is definitely an asset to the B&G team. Always there for the team!”

“There is not a person who lights up the J or makes it a happier place than Ron. He remembers personal details about your life, he is always there when you need a helping hand, and he is always facing the job with joy and a smile. I can’t imagine someone who embodies the James Davis attitude more than Ron.”

Congratulations to the winners and all who were nominated!