Fox Group Exercise

Happy Holidays to all our members. We look forward to seeing you and your family at the J over Winter Break. Upcoming holiday hours:

Monday, December 24: Early close at 5pm
Tuesday, December 25: 8am – 5pm
Monday, December 31: Early close at 5pm
Tuesday, January 1: 8am – 5pm

The J has tried to make it easy to find a time to enjoy our facilities over Winter Break. Please check our website for our winter break schedules for:

Indoor Pools
Open Gym

New Year’s Day (Tuesday, January 1) Group Exercise Schedules:

Creve Coeur/Staenberg Family Complex
8:30am – Total Conditioning (GX) with Mary H.
8:30am – Pilates (MB) with Maria
9:30am – Turbo Kick (GX) with Clara
9:30am – Yoga (MB) with Maria
9:30am – Cycle SUPER SIZED (CS) with Leslie K. (a two-hour class focused on endurance, strength and intervals)
9:30am – Aqua Boot Camp (AQ) with Julie
10:30am – Zumba Tag Team (GX) with Heather C. & Laura (an 85 minute Zumba Super Size workout)
10:30am – Cardio Sculpt & Stretch (MB) with Mary H.
11:30am-12:55pm – Gentle Yoga (MB) with Stacia

Chesterfield/Marilyn Fox Building
8:15am – Cycle (CS) with Shelley
8:30am – Physique Fusion (GX) with Laina
8:30am – Core (MB) with Kay
9am – Aqua Flow (AQ) with Nancee
9:30am – Insanity (GX) with Ali
9:30am – Barre Fusion (MB) with Monica
9:45am – Cycle (CS) with Laina
10:30am – Zumba (GX) with Danielle
10:30am – Pilates (MB) with Monica
11:30am – Forever Fit (GX) with Sandy

Christmas Day (Tuesday, December 25) Group Exercise Schedules:

Creve Coeur/Staenberg Family Complex
8:15am – Cycle (CS) with Mary H.
8:30am – Sculpting (GX) with Maria
9:30am – Yoga (MB) with Maria
9:30am – Kettlebell (GX) with Lylybell
9:30am – Cycle (CS) with Leslie K.
10:30am – Circuit Training (GX) with Lylybell
10:30am – Pilates (MB) with Maria

Chesterfield/Marilyn Fox Building
8:15am – Cycle (CS) with Jeanine
8:30am – Circuit Training (GX) with Valerie
8:30am – Core (MB) with Kay
9:30am – Cycle (CS) with Shelley E.
9:30am – Kettlebell (GX) with Jeanine
9:30am – Stretch (MB) with Kay
10:30am – Physique Fusion (GX) with Valerie
12pm – Core 45 (GX) with Valerie