Written by Priscilla Westbrooks, Group Exercise Manager

Fitness - IMG_9715aYoga is a form of exercise that blends body movement with breath. There are many benefits of incorporating a Yoga practice as part of your exercise routine. Those benefits include: improved flexibility and balance, decreased stress, and increased strength, focus and self-awareness.

The J offers a variety of Yoga classes, gentle to advanced, as part of our Group Exercise schedule, and we have recently updated our Yoga class names so that you can easily find the Yoga class that’s right for you. Choose your appropriate level and build strength, boost flexibility and increase balance through breathing techniques and postures.

Gentle Yoga: Build your foundation in this class which is also gentle enough to attend multiple times a week should you choose. You’ll learn the basic poses and how they are beneficial for your body.

Mindful Meditation/ Restorative Yoga: This class combines guided meditation with Restorative Yoga. Restorative teaches you to feel. Rather than moving through poses from breath to breath, it cultivates a powerful inner awareness. Class includes 5-10 gentle postures held for up to five minutes each. (Offered at SFC only.)

Hatha Yoga, Level 1-2: A beginner to intermediate class; introduces additional basic postures with some longer durations. Focus is on proper breathing and movements; should leave you feeling looser and relaxed.

Hatha Yoga, Level 2-3: Class should feel challenging at this intermediate to advanced level as you continue to improve basic postures and more dynamic and complex ones – may include arm balances, deep back bends and inversions.

Vinyasa Yoga, Level 1-2: Get introduced to smooth transitions (flowing), which link your breath to movements at this beginner/intermediate level. Class will vary regularly and should test you physically.

Vinyasa Yoga, Level 2-3: An intermediate/advanced class that flows quickly between poses and may include complex postures. Great for those with a regular vinyasa and pranayama (breathing) practice who want to further develop their practice.

Add a J Yoga class to your workout schedule today! It’s included in your membership!

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