Yoga for Cancer

Almost 2 million new cancer cases are diagnosed every year. A person with cancer is someone’s family member, best friend, and member of the community. That’s why the community must come together to help support those who have cancer. Here are some reasons why community centers need cancer support programs like the ones that we provide at the J!

Why A Person With Cancer Needs Their Community 

Living with cancer is a life-changing experience. It puts life into perspective, not only for the warrior fighting cancer but for those around them, too. Here are three reasons why people fighting cancer need their community to be there for them. 

Emotional Support 

Nothing reminds us of the common bonds that bring humanity together more than helping one another out. We must serve one another with the hopes that others will treat us with the same dignity, respect, and compassion if the situations were reversed. 

Cancer patients can feel alone and vulnerable throughout various stages of cancer. Having outlets like community centers can help bring some light into a person’s day. 

The J’s Hamsa Wellness Community hosts a Breast & Ovarian Cancer Monthly Support Group. This support group is a resource for women in the St. Louis community who are confronting a diagnosis of breast or ovarian cancer. It is also open to female friends and family members! 

Practical Help with Everyday Chores

Fighting cancer can take a toll on a person and those around them. Communities can offer practical help, such as assisting with meals, transportation to appointments, childcare, or even financial assistance. This kind of support can help to alleviate the daily stresses and burdens that come with a cancer diagnosis.

The J understands the struggles of managing a family while dealing with cancer. We have various Early Childhood Education Programs, as well as Camps & After School Programs, that will keep your children engaged while you take the time to rest and recharge.

Health and Wellness Support 

Light exercise and massages could be beneficial for people with cancer. However, not all communities have these services available. 

The J offers Oncology Massages to cancer patients. Oncology massage is a distinct type of non-intrusive therapy designed to aid individuals in coping with cancer symptoms and the aftermath of treatments. This technique incorporates gentle touch and unhurried, rhythmic movements to induce relaxation in the body. 

In addition, we have Yoga for Cancer every week. Yoga for Cancer is an evidence-based approach to yoga that caters specifically to the unique requirements of cancer patients and survivors, taking into account the physical and emotional changes resulting from cancer and its treatments. 

This style of yoga is mild and rejuvenating, with a focus on harmonizing movement and breath.

There are virtual and in-person sessions available, making this service accessible for people at many stages of their cancer journey. 

Yoga for Cancer and Oncology Massages are free to both members and non-members. 

Why Communities Need Cancer Support Programs

People with cancer need their community. In turn, the community needs a place for people affected by cancer to get together. Here are reasons why communities deserve the support of cancer programs.  

Outlets to Share Experiences

Cancer support groups bring together individuals who are going through similar experiences. They provide a safe space to share stories, fears, hopes, and advice. This camaraderie can be incredibly therapeutic and comforting.

When communities rally around a cause like cancer, it can lead to increased awareness about the disease, early detection strategies, and fundraising for research and treatment options.

A person fighting cancer needs to focus on beating the disease and getting better. They rely on their community members to champion for them and help push research and care forward so that the world sees progress in curing cancer. 

Information Exchange

Dealing with cancer comes with a lot of uncertainty. The St. Louis community needs a place where they can receive credible resources from specialists who can take the time to explain things to them. 

Cancer groups can also serve as an information hub, providing reliable and up-to-date information about cancer treatments, side effects, and coping strategies.

As a member of the Hamsa Wellness Community, you gain access to Sharsheret’s community resources as well as information on a number of hereditary cancers that could affect you or your family. These resources include peer networks, individualized support, and programs for kids and teens.

Health Management

Many support groups also offer resources to improve coping skills, stress management, and ways to maintain a positive outlook. These skills can be beneficial not only for the individual with cancer but also for their caregivers.

Remember, cancer doesn’t only affect the person diagnosed with it. It affects the whole community. That’s why community centers should have ongoing cancer programs to serve those within their neighborhoods.