When walking through the school cafeteria, conversations revolve around the latest video games and the most recent level surpassed. Now that the weather is warming up, it’s time to encourage your children to get outside. According to Early Childhood Development Suite 101, playing outside is very important.


Outdoor play provides children a way to exercise and burn off extra calories, which aids in prevention of obesity and other related diseases. When your child gets outside to play, the sunshine allows the body to make vitamin D, which is important for the absorption of calcium for strong bones and overall better health.


The advantages of outdoor play are more than physical. Getting outside pushes children to use their imaginations and creativity to think up new games to play. It gives them a sense of adventure to go out exploring, even if it is only the front yard. Being outside allows children to express themselves by jumping or moving any way they want and making any sounds they care to, activities that are often restricted indoors. A lot of outdoor activities are played with other children, particularly in teams, which helps children learn to socialize well with others and to show sportsmanship win or lose.


Now is the time to get your children off the computer, away from the television and outside. The JCC of St. Louis offers children a variety of ways to engage in community activity. Bring your family out for a picnic, encourage your child to sign up for a sports league or bring them over for summer camp. The JCC of St. Louis is the way to stay fit and have fun for any age.