SFC Outdoor Pool

It’s been a cold and snowy winter, and with everything that has happened since last pool season (the Blues are going to the Stanley Cup Finals!), we thought this was a good time to revisit our Top 10 Pool Etiquette Pointers. These pointers and policies are to keep everyone safe, the pool clean and all our members happy.

Please take a few moments to refresh yourself before visiting the pools!

1. Listen to the lifeguards. The sounds of a blown whistle and the booming voices from the chairs above are all there to keep you and your family safe. Our lifeguards are Red Cross-certified and trained to know how to run our specific pools safely. They are the voice of authority at the pools.

2. No running on the pool deck. We want you to have fun! But running on the concrete deck can lead to slips and falls, and it can lead to other people getting pushed down or into the pools. For these reasons, no running on the pool decks – running is for treadmills!

3. No gum. Gum can cause a real issue with the pool systems, not to mention it can gunk up the pool deck and other places it gets stuck. Please – don’t chew by the pool.

4. No outside food or drink. Water is okay, but we cannot allow any outside food at the pool. If you do purchase from our concession stand, please eat in the seating area. Absolutely no food is allowed on the pool deck.

5. Swim diapers are required for all children who are not potty trained. Keeping the pool sanitary is one of our top priorities. For this reason, all children who are not potty trained are required to wear swim diapers (different than regular diapers).

6. Children 8 and younger must be supervised by an adult. To maximize our pools’ safety, children 8 and younger, even strong swimmers, require adult supervision at all times.

7. No glass containers on the pool deck. Concrete + glass + open water = a bad combination. Please limit water bottles to plastic or metal only.

8. No talking to lifeguards while on duty. We need their eyes and attention on those swimming and near the water. Please find an off-duty lifeguard or another staff member for all non-emergency issues.

9. Accommodate pool classes. From time to time, there are fitness and aquatics classes and lessons in the indoor and outdoor pools. We have tried to schedule these classes during non-peak hours, but overlap can happen. If you are having trouble getting in your laps or enjoying your time at the pool, find an off-duty lifeguard or other staff member to discuss. We will do our best to advise you on the best times to visit the pool for maximum enjoyment.

10. Be respectful. We ask that all of our members respect each other. From your fellow pool-goers to people you meet in the parking lot, please be kind and courteous. If any issue arises that you think needs to be addressed, please find a J staff member to assist. We’re here to help!

To view a full list of our swimming pool policies, click here.