Congratulations to everyone who is participating in the Polar BodyAge Challenge. We are seeing great results from those who have been weighing in consistently. To help you on your journey, here are three tips to continue your success.

Start doing anything. Just make sure you like it.

There are lots of ways to achieve your health and fitness goals. Trying to figure out what you should do, how often, etc… can stop you before you start. Instead of worrying about it, just jump in start doing something…anything. If you find you don’t like it, move on to the next thing until you find something that sticks. Make sure it’s something you enjoy, you can do at your current fitness level, and go for it.

Fall in love with exercise that changes your mood and your life, not just your body.

The most harmful misconception about getting into shape is that looking better on the outside is the best part — it’s not! Of course getting fit and losing weight are important and huge motivators, but in my experience, mood and energy changes are the most immediate and gratifying part of exercising. Living a healthy lifestyle helps you in every aspect of your life — it helps you sleep better, boosts your energy throughout the day, and puts you in a better mood.

Make sure your workouts actually make you work.

Look for workouts that challenge you, not workouts where you are comfortable. Again, you should always enjoy the workouts, but if you don’t push yourself a little harder every time, you may fall quickly into a plateau or you may not see any results. If it doesn’t challenge it’s not going to change you.