Once the Passover seders go by and we get into the middle and ending days of the holiday my stomach yearns for bread products.  All that matzah pizza, matzah brie, and matzah with cream cheese and jelly just does not do it for me.  I am a bread and butter kind of guy.  Nothing fulfills me more than a good hearty sandwich.  There is no way I would ever eat a hot dog or hamburger without a bun.  Actually, one of my nicknames growing up was Brad and butter.  I get it, the point of Passover is to retell the story and to experience a taste of slavery to appreciate our freedom.  The Torah tells us that we our prohibited from eating leaven products called chametz because the Israelites bread did not have time to rise as they were fleeing Egypt.  I am not one to complain, but does anyone out there get the Passover doldrums and how do you deal with it?  Any suggestions would be appreciated…send me an email.